A field trip to the Honolulu Zoo

Yesterday we took our class on a field trip to the Honolulu Zoo. It was probably the hottest it’s been all school year (just our luck), but it was a fun time. Our zoo is nothing like those of San Diego or the Bronx. It’s pretty small but for kids who were born and raised here, just to see a real life elephant is pretty amazing.

We made these cute books for the kids. In the book we’re pictures and fun facts of the animals and a little box for them to check off each animal they’d seen.

Around the half way point we were all pretty tired and drained, so we took a little snack and beverage break and saw these cute little birds. Not too sure what they’re called though?

We finally got to the Keiki zoo where the kids were able to get up close and personal with some of the farm animals. This was the perfect ending to our day.

It’s like this goat was posing for a photo. So cute!

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