My photo journal challenge

Is anyone else out there totally lost in what day it is? I’ve been really having to think about it lately. Everyday has been so routine for over a week. I’m so bored, so I can only imagine how it is for my kids. We’ve been trying to get them outside to run around and play ball but the weathers been pretty rainy here and it’s been hard to get out. Lords knows the last thing I need to do is have my kids getting a cold because I let them play in the rain. Because our days have become so blurred, I’ve decided to take pictures throughout the day so that we actually know what day we ran to the store or put gas in the car. It also gives me a little project to do. Please do not expect too many edited perfect photos, Although a color story app is my obsession. I’ll try my best to keep it interesting. I mean, I am only limited to my house, which is what makes this a challenge. I thought of this only this afternoon so I didn’t get many pics during the day but here they are…

Been enjoying trying out different blends
The sky at sunset was gorgeous tonight.
When I took this photo I noticed the blur. There was a smudge on my phone lenses. The beauty in flaws.
When we ran to the bakery we found water balloons and bought around 300 of them. Great investment in these times.
We’ve been grilling a lot. Gives us a chance to have a cocktail outside.

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