We got out for a bit…

Happy Friday! Even though it could be any other day and still feel the same. Isn’t that weird? Kahele even forgot to play “it’s aloha Friday” this evening, which is his weekly ritual it seems. He did play it on Wednesday though, so I think we’re good for the week. My friend sent me this and I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it.

We took a little drive along the coast today. I created a scavenger hunt of a list of 20 things to find on our drive and we all had our camera phones ready to find our treasures. Some things I included were: a rainbow, a coconut tree, abandoned car, a horse and a playground. It was pretty fun and it also gave me some photos to add to my photo diary.

Here’s my rainbow shot that I took on Likelike hwy

It was so nice to just take a drive. Kahele and I have been taking turns running to the store for things we need, but our poor kids have been stuck at home. We needed to get them out of the house. So we chose a safe way to do that. I usually keep the windows up and the AC going. But today, even with the rain, I kept my windows down most of the time. The fresh air blowing in my face felt amazing!

Coconut trees
We got out near makapu’u to look at the ocean.
I’m so glad we did this!

On the ride home we decided that for dinner we wanted soup because of the cozy rainy weather. We went with Portuguese Bean Soup.

Now I’m sitting her with a glass of Stella Rosa wondering if I’m going to read a book or watch something. For now I’m listening to Paul McCartney’s Arrow Through Me. I’ve been creating some playlists also. I love when you run into a song that you haven’t heard in years and remember how much you loved it and the memories that come with it. Maybe I’ll upload one of my playlists in a later post.

I hope you all have a nice evening, good night, and a great morning!

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