Friday 4-3-20

I woke up thinking it was Saturday. It took a couple of hours til I realized it was Friday. Such a weird feeling.

It makes me a little happier knowing that I have an extra day with my son and grandkids. I don’t know if I mentioned this, my son, daughter in law and my two grand babies are moving to Vegas on Monday. It’s been planned for months and their car is already there. It’s scary with everything that’s going on right now. I wish they would just cancel plans but it’s been set in motion and they’re new life awaits them. I’ve been having major anxiety for the last couple of days knowing that Monday is creeping up on us.

Here’s aria with her little niece and nephew.

Ok moving on before I have an emotional breakdown… yesterday my youngest told me that she’s so bored and doesn’t like it over here because we don’t take her to the beach or the playground. Tried to explain that they’re all closed but she’s 4 and won’t hear any of it. She told me… “I’m going to move with grandma tomorrow”. Thinking she was just tired and grumpy we let her rant. This morning, the first thing she said when she opened her eyes was “ok time for me to go. Can someone please drop me off?” then proceeded to gather her clothes and tell us she’ll miss us and we can come visit her. She is so headstrong! But she is the cutest.

I feel like she’s been the hardest during this quarantine. The older ones can keep themselves busy with their devices and now that they’ve started online classes they’re actually doing a lot of homework. But Aria loves playing outside and is so full of energy all day long. I’m thinking we’re gonna take her for another drive today.

Stay safe and healthy… oh and don’t be like me and realize half way through the day that I haven’t had any water. Drink lots of water!!!

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