Saturday 4-4-20

Good morning! Yesterday was another lovely uneventful day ending with a great night. Some good news… aria decided that I’m the best mommy ever and wants to live with us again. Phew! I mentioned yesterday that she wanted to go and live with her grandma. I think she’s just craving her normal life at the park and beach.

I bought this DIY dollhouse off of amazon. I had no idea that everything was going to have to be constructed by me. I thought that at least the milk cartons and shelves would be prebuilt for me. Nope, I literally have to do everything!!! The box says that it’s about a 20 hour project. I’m sure it’ll take me a little longer. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Had to make another trip to the grocery store again. For some reason after all these years of me being the only chai lover in the house, everyone all of a sudden likes it too. It was on sale today so I bought a couple of boxes. I took this picture to send to my daughter. But it’s part of my quarantine journal so I’m including it.

My youngest has been really into building forts with our furniture and tons of sheets and blankets. It never lasts and she whines every time it falls apart. So last night I helped her to make one in my bedroom. we tied a cal king sheet to a shelf and put her toddler bed in it where it created a teepee like shape. She loves it!

Later on I was sitting outside and my neighbor was having a FaceTime party with her friends. She was drinking and singing and dancing all by herself in front of her laptop with all of her friends in the chat. I was cracking up the whole time because she literally had no Idea or didn’t care who could see her or hear her and she was just having the time of her life. It was the most entertaining nights I’ve had in a while. I love the idea of this!

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