Life lately… a little venting ahead…

Hey everyone!!!! I haven’t posted in a while because I really have nothing to post. Six out of seven days a week we’ve been so routine wake up, EAT, watch tv, log on to school, EAT, play some PS VR games, EAT, play outside, watch tv, EAT…. I mean, it’s become pretty terrible. And every day I’m cooking and cleaning between all this because…

1. it’s cheaper to cook than takeout for a family of 5. We’ve been trying a lot of recipes that my 12 year old finds online. We’ve done the whipped coffee, flaming hot Cheetos fried mozzarella, jolly rancher slush, s’mores cupcakes…

2. Even when your whole family is in their PJs all day, the laundry load hasn’t changed since before the pandemic. It’s so weird! Why do I still do a load a day?

3. My youngest daughter has been really into building forts… IN EVERY ROOM! She uses all 300 pillows in the house, and about 20 blankets along with every couch, chair, shelf, doorknob and table! We can’t get to the damn bathroom without risking our lives. But we let her do it because she’s 4 and anyone with a kid around her age at home right now knows that it’s come to the point of keeping them active, creative and happy with whatever resources we have. I cannot wake up to those forts. It will ruin my whole day if I wake up to a mess… ask my family! So every night the forts get cleaned up just to be rebuilt the next day.

We’ve tried to reserve 1 day a week to take a drive around the island and let the kids jump in the water. Parks and beaches have been closed and people have been getting fined if they’re not in the water. I don’t like the beach or going in the ocean so this last week I was too paranoid to risk getting ticketed.

However, I did get an alert yesterday saying that parks and beaches are open BUT… you can’t be sitting on the sand and they playgrounds are closed. WTF?! How is that any different than the rules 2 days ago? I have no idea who’s writing this shit! It’s got me so upset that all day long I’m getting updates on the new rules just to see the rule pretty much saying the exact same thing! All day I’m reminded that school years been canceled, how unemployment is backed up, how many new cases, how many deaths, how many recovered. Reminders to stay at home and don’t forget mask and gloves when you go out. How does this reminder every day not make us nervous?

It triggers my anxiety! I can’t even meditate, literally can’t focus on my breathing half the time. At night I try to fall asleep at a normal time but I’ve been experiencing insomnia. I NEVER have a problem with insomnia outside of my pregnancies. Over the last month plus.. I’ve had a few migraines and usually I get them once every couple of months. My skin had just been terrible. I really try to drink only water all day but I feel like the alcohol intake at the end of the day may be doing something that’s causing the bad skin… or maybe it’s the sweets.. hmmm? There’s been insomnia, moments of anxiety, irritability, depression for a week or so after my son moved to Vegas and just all around low energy all day.

Pretty sunset

I feel like I should make a daily schedule… or maybe a daily bucket list and try to knock off as many things as possible. I gotta head on over to Pinterest and get some inspiration. Be safe friends…

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