We got sick…

Hi everyone! It’s been a minute. My family ended up getting sick these last couple of weeks and I’ve had to muster up all my energy to help with that on top of everything else. I know we’re on quarantine but I could use a vacation! We were so worried because there were swollen glands and fevers. I’m pretty tough when it comes to getting sick and still cooking and cleaning, so when I felt the fever and swollen glands and chills… I was terrified. Turns out we all had a viral infection. So the good news was that it wasn’t covid but the crappy part is there’s nothing they can give for viral infections so we’ve been doing a lot of fruit smoothies and soups. And Tylenol for the fever. We’re pretty much over feeling crappy but we still have our swollen glands in our throats. Has anyone else gotten sick and felt so paranoid that it was covid?

Aria doing her project for school. A Self watering planter.

The kids are still doing distance learning for school. I still haven’t gone back to work nor have I received an unemployment check. So basically it’s Kahele’s paychecks that are paying all the bills right now. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s hard to describe… helpless? I’ve never not worked for so long. Even after having the kids I was back to work as soon as I wanted. Now, I want to work but can’t because I work at a school. And there’s really no way of income right now. Its frustrating and stressful worrying so much about money. We’re ok for now but if school doesn’t start back up until after summer I may need to come up with a plan. Maybe a summer job?

I let the girls paint these little houses I had. Anything to keep them busy and happy

Some good news… next week Friday our state will be opening up businesses. They’re always so unclear about things so I don’t know if this will include malls and restaurant dining, but one can only hope. I told Kahele “the first thing I’m gonna do when the mall opens is buy a soft Parmesan pretzel with cream cheese and a frozen lemonade. Then find a massage chair and swipe my card for a 30 massage while eating my pretzel.” I can’t wait guys. I will document so stay tuned!

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