Some feel good YouTube videos

Hey guys! There’s been some changes in the last week. I’ve gone back to work. It’s just one client for now. Because I work in a DOE setting I am unable to provide ABA services to my students. But now, if parents are ok with the services then we are able to work. It’s really hard though because of the social distancing guidelines some students are unable to receive services. I pray for all these families of special needs children who rely on the time that their children are in school to do things like go to the grocery store, prepare dinner, clean their homes and even shower because those things are very hard to do with their children. I pray for them every day.

Even though I’ve gone back to work, sadly it’s only 12 hours a week. Better than nothing I guess. But I do still have the rest of the day where I’m catching up on real housewives and Netflix shows. In the last couple of days though, I’ve been watching these awesome YouTube videos of musicians collaborating in song cover videos. My gosh! I feel so happy when I watch these. I’ve picked out of few of my favorites from a playlist I have. If you haven’t seen these, I think no matter what genre you’re into you’ll like them. At least on of them.

“The Prayer” performed by Celine Dion, John Legend, Andrea Bocelli and Lady Gaga.

One of my favorite songs and when Celine and Andrea sang this in the past I fell in live with it. It’s so beautiful that every time I hear it I get choked up.

John Legend #togetherathome virtual concert.

If you have an hour to kill (who doesn’t these days) you can treat yourself to a little John Legend serenade session. His wife Chrissy joins him and of course brings the comedy. Then you’ll hear some requests from daughter Luna. I enjoyed this.

Jimmy Fallon, Sting and the Roots “Dont stand so close to me”

Another great song that I love! Jimmy Fallon has a couple of good collabs with other artist but this was my favorite one.

Jennifer Hudson “Hallelujah”

This song with that powerful voice! Goosebumps the whole time.

James Taylor “Moon river”

Another favorite song done by another favorite artist! James Taylor has many videos like this one and I pretty much love every single one of them. I chose this one to share because this song has always reminded me of my grandma. It definitely brought on the tears.

John Legend “Bigger Love”

Love love love this song! It’s not a cover, but definitely a feel good song that I can’t help but wanna dance to every time I hear it.

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber “Stuck with u”

Again, not a cover but another great one that I’ve watched a few times. I love the message behind the video. I also love all of the personal videos shown throughout the entire video.

Well that’s all for now. I hope everyone is hanging in there my kids are no longer enjoying this… they are ready to get out there and have some outdoor fun. I feel terrible for them. I hope that we can resume as close to a normal life as possible soon.

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