R&F save 15% + free SPF with full+ mini regimen purchase

This is a great deal guys. The full size redefine regimen alone costs $208. So for only $10 more you receive a mini regimen along with SPF! And if you already have your PC perks, it’s only gonna cost you $197. Check out the site for other regimen deals.

Here’s the full size regimen

If you’ve been contemplating a new skin care regimen, I can honestly say that I’m loving a lot of the products so far. I’ve been using the Redefine regimen and I’m loving it. I want to give it a couple of weeks before actually reviewing it (because I’m me and that’s just how I work). I’m also using the lash boost. I’ve only been using it for 4 days now so I’m really not seeing a lot of results yet. But some of the before and after pictures I’ve seen online are crazy. I hope I have amazing results to share with you.

I’ve also tried the derma-roller and renewing serum… probably my favorite of all. The feeling of my skin after applying the serum, I’ve never felt my skin like that.

And that’s about all I’ve tried so far. My kids have been using a couple of other regimens and I’m excited to get them into a good skin care routine. They’ve all had face washes and toners but to have a regimen specifically targeted towards sensitive skin or teenagers is so convenient! Especially my 12 year old daughter, this is an important age where her skin may change dramatically.

Don’t forget to click on any of the images or HERE to connect to my site!!!!

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