My summer fragrance…

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Here in Hawaii, we’ve had a huge spike in COVID cases and honestly it’s become quite scary. I’ve been back at work for a couple of months and it’s really weird how different things are now. Face masks and social distancing is something very hard to get used to, especially growing up on an island where a kiss and a hug is a normal way of how we greet everyone. I hate what’s become of the world today and it’s sad to think that this may be the new norm.

Anyway on to some fun stuff…. I did a “blind buy” for my summer fragrance. I am a fragrance junkie and it’s been so hard to go to Macy’s and ask the sales associate to spray like 10 fragrances because they no longer keep their testers out for the customers to sample. So, I went on YouTube and watched tons of reviews. This one fragrance kept coming up but I couldn’t not find a sample on eBay to purchase nor could I find it at Macy’s or any other department store here. So I made the decision to buy the full bottle without even knowing what it spelled like.

This is Alien Eau Sublime by Thierry Mugler. This does smell a lot like the original Alien but a brighter version, if that makes any sense. When I smell the original, I think of a dark bar or a romantic dinner in a dimly lit restaurant. This one is a brighter version, I imagine a brunch in bright lit restaurant. Maybe the photos below can paint a better picture of the different moods of each.

It still has the sexy jasmine scent that you get from the original Alien but with a brighter feel that I’m guessing comes from the Tiare flower found within the notes. I think it’s perfect for me to wear the entire year, living in Hawaii with the sunshine and beaches, but definitely a great summer scent for those who like to change their scent with the seasons. I’m so glad that I took the risk and bought this without knowing what I was gonna get. When someone says “you smell good, what are you wearing?” You know you’ve made a good purchase. Have any of you tried this? What did you think?

Please everyone be safe out there. I wish you all health and happiness. Until next post…

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