Some old photos of my grams and papa

I love old photos! Even if they’re of people I don’t know in a magazine, there’s something about knowing that a moment so long ago is a captured memory that lives on. I was going through some old photos and came across a few of my grandma and grandpa (my moms parents) while they were together. They divorced when my mom was young and sadly my grandma never got remarried. I don’t even remember her having a boyfriend in my lifetime. She now has dementia and sometimes can’t even remember my mom. I’ve been so nervous to visit her because I couldn’t bear it if she didn’t recognize me. Looking through these photos got me a little choked up. Just seeing how young they both were and how blessed they’ve both been with so much time here on earth.

I constantly find myself saying how fast the years are going by, and to think, they were around my age when I was born. I now have grandchildren of my own so it’s really hitting me that I’ve got to cherish these days.

I’m gonna start making more of these types of post. Not only do I love looking at these photos, I think it’s an easy way to preserve them just in case something happens to the originals. I’ll be sharing more soon. Til then, take care of yourselves during this upcoming crazy week. It should be interesting.

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