I feel like I’m in the twilight zone! A rant…

How’s everyone doing? I hope that you’re all getting by in the crazy world. I’m gonna be super honest right now and just say that it’s been hard lately. From the rule changes in social distancing, financial struggles, to personal mental and physical health… it hasn’t been good. In school now they’ve changed the social distance rule from 6 feet to 3 feet… why? I mean what the heck? No more than 5 people in a public restroom, if you’re person number six you need to wait outside behind the blue tape for someone to come out before you go in, only you don’t know how many people are in the restroom so you enter to see that 5 people are in there before you can exit to wait behind the tape. It’s all so confusing. Also, why is it that if you’re vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask? If you’re safe from both contracting or giving because you’re vaccinated why can’t you go maskless?

As I’ve shared before, I work at a high school and some of our students attended school during spring break last week, yesterday we were sent home because we were exposed to someone (who I was sitting right next to all day last week Wednesday) tested positive. So of course I go home and was told that I should get tested just in case. I didn’t get tested because I’ve had a handful of family members who were receiving false positive and negative results, some were even receiving results without even getting tested at all. So, if I have to quarantine for 10 days anyway what’s the point? Well, I get a call from my company yesterday saying that I’m no longer on the list because I wasn’t in the same class as this person on Thursday or Friday and can come back to work without a even taking a test! I don’t know what the heck a 24 hour difference makes but that just didn’t make sense to me. I’m home today because I already planned to be home but they’re saying to come back to work tomorrow. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? I seriously feel like we’re puppets being controlled by…. I don’t even know who at this point.

I worry about my kids. Where is the freedom? What happened to free speech? I tell my kids “to conduct themselves like there’s a camera video taping them at all times. Keep your personal opinions to yourself”. There are people out there looking for confrontation and debate every day. Call a girl “ma’am” and if she identifies herself as a boy, guess what? You’re wrong. Books are being canceled, holidays are being canceled, school mascots are being canceled! Religion and peoples beliefs are being judged to the point where people are scared to be proud of what they believe. Is it me or does it feel like a deliberate separation of cultures, religions and lifestyles being done to us in the most manipulative way? With BLM and LGBTQ, which should be positive movements, there are people out there making them just the opposite. I wish we lived in a world where everyone was just respectful. That’s it! No matter what you identify as, be that person, but respect when someone doesn’t understand it, and for those who don’t understand or even disagree… just be respectful, maybe educate yourself (or not if that’s what you choose), but most importantly, let people live their lives in peace and happiness.

I’ve lived in Hawaii my whole life and honestly…. I’ve never experienced any of this stuff growing up. We’re such a melting pot of culture and religion that we all just got along and if we didn’t like someone?… don’t associate with them! Simple as that! Most locals here have more than 3 nationalities, and a lot include having a polynesian, asian and european literally all corners of the globe! We don’t really experience racism. So for this to be happening here, I blame social media. Our kids are so easily influenced to follow the opinions of these famous (and not so famous) people on tik tok or IG. I want my children to be independent thinkers and not be put on blast if it differs from what the rest of society thinks. If you’re not harming anyone you should be able to feel the way you feel.

The other day I was cooking pork chops and I was talking to my 16yo and said to him “I like to grab the pork chops with a lot of fat on the edge”… here comes my 13 year old Tik Tok addicts saying “MOM! DID YOU JUST CALL THE PORK CHOP FAT!” A clear indication that I need to snap her back to reality. There will not be any of this stupid non-sense talk in my house.


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