The 50th State Fair

We celebrated Kuha’o’s birthday by going to the fair.  We haven’t been to the fair in so long but we’re planning a Disneyland trip in November and it’ll be the first time for my youngest, so when Kuha’o said he wanted to do the fair it was the perfect time to introduce Aria to some rides.  She absolutely loved it!  There were a bunch of us that went, which made it even more fun for the kids. 

We got there pretty early so the lines weren’t long at all.  The kids were able to go on all the rides they wanted early on.

It got really crowded when the sun set.  But the kids were completely satisfied by that point and we spent the rest of the time walking around, playing games, watching the monster truck show and EATING!  I love the feeling I get when walking around with the carnival light and music surrounding me while eating some carnival eats.

A bridal shower for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law

What is better than a bridal shower?  Being in a group of women, eating food, and opening gifts is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.  Yesterday we did just that.  We celebrated my soon-to-be daughter in law with lunch at Bucca’s.  We played some fun games and ate until we were stuffed.

Here’s the Bride and her bridal party along with flower girls.

I’m so blessed to have a daughter-in-law who is an amazing mommy to my granddaughter and grandson on the way. Stay tuned for some pics from the wedding!!!!


Beach and a good book! Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

When I’m at the beach I love to read a good book.  I find me a nice space in the shade and get comfy with my book.  This week the kids really wanted to go to the beach, so we took a little drive to the North Shore.  The weather was perfect!  I chose to start Nine Perfect Strangers.  I’m a huge fan of Liane Moriarty and this book did not disappoint.  If you enjoy her books… you will love this one.  And I have to say, it was the perfect summer/ beach read.

No one better than daddy to go to the beach with.  I’ll give him that one, Im not a fan of the beach and hate the sand, so daddy wins over mommy there!  He will let her bury him for hours if she wanted.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!  I know most of us are working during the summer, but I hope everyone can find some time to do something fun!

The first day of summer and my dryer breaks

Schools out! It’s summer. Summer means double the laundry, and the first load I do… my dryer breaks! For me this is NO BUENO! I loathe doing laundry. I will clean toilets over laundry! Maybe this is why my dryer broke? Maybe it’s asking for a little appreciation for making something I hate a lot easier for me? Well…. I’m sorry trusty dryer, please come back to life! I love you and will never take you for granted again.


Just ran over to see if it resuscitated, and nothing!

So today we are spending the day looking for a new dryer. And by golly this dryer will be loved and cared for.

Mini Putt with my Tea girl!

My daughter loves to go to Bay View Golf Course for the mini putt and zip line.  On Monday her and I shared some mother & daughter time with a round of putt putt.  We had such a fun time that I actually wouldn’t mind doing it more often.  Maybe this weekend the whole family can go (fingers crossed).

My daughter is very competitive so she took the game pretty serious!  I beat her score on a couple of holes and it only made her more focused.  A good thing for the future.

After we were done she got a bubble gun from a friend.  She’s growing up so fast that it was nice to see her being young and having fun!  Life is so busy and crazy that this day was a good reminder of how I must find time to do more things as a family.

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden

Over the weekend we took our 3 year old to Ho’omaluhia in Kaneohe.  She loves to go to the lake and feed the ducks and fish.  Its a beautiful place and great for families to have a relaxing time without costing anything.

It’s a little bit of a walk to get down to the lake but along the way you’re shaded with trees and the chirping of birds.  There’s something about being surrounded by nature and the sounds of nature that is an instantaneously calming on the spirit.

It was such a hot day!  It’s been really hot and muggy here lately.  We only spent about an hour before we couldn’t handle the heat any longer.  On our way back we took our time and learned about some of the different plants.  Aria was complaining about her legs being sore, so the lucky bugger got to ride on daddy’s shoulders.

A field trip to the Honolulu Zoo

Yesterday we took our class on a field trip to the Honolulu Zoo. It was probably the hottest it’s been all school year (just our luck), but it was a fun time. Our zoo is nothing like those of San Diego or the Bronx. It’s pretty small but for kids who were born and raised here, just to see a real life elephant is pretty amazing.

We made these cute books for the kids. In the book we’re pictures and fun facts of the animals and a little box for them to check off each animal they’d seen.

Around the half way point we were all pretty tired and drained, so we took a little snack and beverage break and saw these cute little birds. Not too sure what they’re called though?

We finally got to the Keiki zoo where the kids were able to get up close and personal with some of the farm animals. This was the perfect ending to our day.

It’s like this goat was posing for a photo. So cute!

Heartburn by Nora Ephron

Rachel is in her third trimester of pregnancy when she finds out her husband is having an affair with a family friend.  From that sentence alone, you would think this is a serious story, but that is so far from the truth.  I had moments where I was literally laughing out loud at the wittiness of the author.  Reading this book, I am reminded that if you don’t laugh through the hard times you’ll break.  I recommend this to anyone who wants a light read and in need of a little chuckle here and there. I do wish that this book was a little longer, I finished this book in just a few hours with breaks in between.  It had me craving more.