Wonderlust- Michael Kors

I am a huge fan of Michael Kors fragrances, for the longest time I wore his signature fragrance and then tried out the Glam Jasmine for a bit.  When I came across this one and tested it out I fell in love.  For those of you who have been following me know that in the past I’d  spend way too much money on fragrances and only buy rollerballs unless I’m getting a great deal on the bottle.  This is a sophisticated yet young and sexy scent.  I’ve been asked a few times what I’m wearing and people have told me that it’s really nice.  I’m glad I got the rollerball because unfortunately the scent wears off really quick, so I’m forced to reapply a couple of times during the day. I have a feeling that I’ll be purchasing another pretty soon.

Almond Milk, Dianthus, Benzoin Siam, Sandalwood from Sri Lanka.



Don’t you just love when they dedicate days to things like donuts, burgers and hey…. LIPSTICK?!  YES WE’LL TAKE IT!  Oh and by the way in case you care (because lord knows I do)  National Margarita Day is on Feb. 22!

What a great excuse to glam up your lips extra special today.  So I’m going to share with you my favorite liner, lipstick and gloss.

Lip Liner- NYX Mauve

You don’t even need to pair this with a lipstick or gloss.  I love lining and filling my lips with this product.


Lipstick-  MAC’s Twig


Lipgloss- MAC’s Morning Glory

morning glory

June Birchbox

BeFunky Collage

The Beauty Crop- PBJ Smoothie Stick

I love the smoothness of this.  Feels like chap stick (which I love) but… this color is not for me. It’s too pink for me.

Whish Shave Crave

Not a fan!  When I shave I like a really good thick lather. This product doesn’t lather and reminds me more of a lotion.  I used it on my legs and it was fine but I practically used the whole sample, once again because of the no-lather.  Definitely wouldn’t spend $24 on this product.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel.

I don’t usually color in my brows because they’re already thick.  But this product is soooo easy to use and apply.  It gives a subtle amount of tint that looks very natural.  For those who draw, color in or need to cover up bald spots this is a great product that you should try.

Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion

This product gave a great yet gentle exfoliation that left my face feeling smooth and squeaky clean.  Didn’t really see a difference with my pores but I’m sure if you use it over time it would be noticeable.  I’m considering buying this product and using it over time to really see the benefits.

Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer

Even though it’s oil-free I found my skin feeling oily. Not sure why that is but I didn’t like how long it took for the product to settle.  I actually ended up blotting it so that I could apply my makeup.


Harvey Prince HELLO


I received a sample of this lotion in my March Birchbox and loved the scent.  I knew that if the lotion spelled that good the perfume would be even better.  I am not disappointed!  It’s unlike any other fragrance that I have.  It’s so hard to put into words what it smells like but if I were to describe it I would say that it’s lemony, floral and a little sweet.  Living in Hawaii this is the perfect fragrance to wear- it gives a sunny, happy, beachy feel when you breathe it in.  It’s uplifting and fresh!

The only thing flawed about this fragrance is that it wears off quick.  I have to keep reapplying throughout the day.  It’s a good thing that I bought the roller ball and that it’s in my purse.

Obsessed with WISH

I was introduced to this app about a month ago and I’m so obsessed with it.  It’s called Wish and it’s addicting. Even if I’m not buying anything I find myself scrolling through all the cool stuff.  You can find so many things, things that are hard to find in stores.  I love that you can read reviews from others who have purchased the product and at least have an idea of the quality of product that you’re getting.  Here are just a few of the products that I’ve ordered and received so far.


I got the bracelet on the left for free just for signing up.  These super cute earrings were only $1.

6 1

These makeup brushes were only $5.  Not all of the brushes are of great quality but I do like the a few of them a lot so $5 is more than worth it.  This cute purse was only $1 (it only comes with one)  I chose the one with the Eiffel tower.  It’s perfect for your loose coins.

7 5

I paid $4 for the face cleaner.  What a score for a battery operated face scrubber.  The decals for the kitchen only cost me $2

So far I’m satisfied with everything that I’ve received.  If you haven’t checked out this site, you must!  They have things for babies too.  Be warned though, it’s really addicting.  I set a budget!  I don’t spend more than $10 a week and with these prices it’s a good budget.


spring favorites

Clinique Happy Heart–  Perfect scent for spring.  It really does have a “happy” feel to it.

Macarons–  These are my favorite dessert.  A lot of places actually ship these delicate little treats, like lette macarons.

OPI Humidi-tea–  Pretty soft pink polish

Nars Pink Cantaloupe Gloss–  I’m not usually a fan of shades of orange for my lips but this gloss gives the perfect pop of color that is not an overwhelming shade of orange.

Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie–  Smells like roses and leaves the skin feeling soft.

Fresh cut flowers

Fentimans Rose Lemonade–  You can taste the floral in this lemonade.  It’s so refreshing.

Voluspa Saijo Persimmon Diffuser– Smells like citrus.  Another happy spring scent.

The Benefits of Water

For myself, when I’m looking for relaxation WATER is always the best bet. Water is so healing. Let’s just think about it. When you have muscle cramps you soak in hot water, when you’re suffering from a headache a cold shower can soothe it away, when you need to cleanse your body water does this from both the outside and in. Even the sound of rain and the waves of the ocean can bring peace and serenity within you. At church we bless ourselves with holy water. The uses for water are endless. Here are my favorite things about water.


The way it can turn any day into a cozy day.


Image source

Soaking in a tub of water with dim lighting is the perfect ending to a hectic day.  You literally soak your troubles away.


Image Source

The sound of water can bring harmony to any room.


The ocean in all its beauty can transport you to a place of peace away from this crazy world


Image Source

Now this is what I’m talking about!  Water therapy in a spa is probably the closest thing to heaven.  When I go to a Spa with a jaquizzi I take full advantage of it.  The quietness, with the soft lighting and soothing music while soaking all of my tension away….. Priceless.