On the hunt for a new body wash

Since Sephora no longer carries my Soap & Glory body wash, I’ve been on a hunt for a new one.  In the last month I’ve purchase the following four…

Philosophy Fresh Cream Review

Philosophy Fresh Cream

This was too sweet smelling for me. I was showering and actually getting a headache.  I gave it to my daughter and she loves it.

Philosophy Melon Daiquiri

Philosophy Melon Daiquiri

I really love this body wash.  I love the was it suds up nicely and has a really yummy scent.  But the scent doesn’t last, so as much as I love it I wouldn’t purchase it again because I like the scent to linger a little longer.

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Wash

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Wash

Another one that I like in terms of foaming up real nice.  But this is another one that is a little too sweet smelling for me.  My kids say it smells like bubble gum and they really like it so… I gave this one to them too 🙂

Victoria's Secret Acai Scrub

VS Acai Smoothing Scrub Wash

I just bought this yesterday and used it for the first time last night.  I like the foaming action as well as the scent.  I have to say that I like this one the best of all the others.  The thing I like best about this product is that it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth.


My First Beauty Purchases of 2016


Here are some of my most recent beauty purchases.  All of them I love.

The first is the Melon Daiquiri body wash by Philosophy.  The smell is so yummy, you can really taste the sweetness of the melon yet the tartness which makes the scent bright.  One of my favorite things about philosophy are their little recipes on their bottles.  One of the best scents from philosophy.

Hitting up the Bath & Body Works sell I picked up a bunch of really cheap hand soaps, my favorite of the ones I purchased was the Georgia Peach foaming hand wash.  Another really yummy scent.

At Victoria’s Secret Semi annual sale I picked up a bottle of the Dark Angel Perfume.  I usually go for more of a tuberose/ jasmine scent when I choose a fragrance, but there was just something about this perfume that drew me in.  I think I liked it because of its warmth, it’s perfect for winter.

I love these Rimmel Oh My Glosses!  I bought all of these.  In my opinion I’d choose them over MAC.

Last we have the Rebeleyes Gel Liner by MAC.  My favorite eyeliner is Blacktrack Fluidline and this new product is just that but in an easy to use applicator.  It’s so much more convenient than having to use a brush.

Well there you have it!

M.A.C Face & Body Foundation


Lately my skin has been a mess.  Even though it’s super humid here on the islands, my face has been really dry.  I normally use Makeup Forever’s HD foundation in Desert (123) and recently find it feeling very heavy and dry and even looking a bit cakey 😦  I’ve never tried the Face and Body foundation before because I tend to go for a bit more coverage than this can provide.  However, I decided to give it a go because I really needed a change. I ended up buying  the shade C5 and it is a perfect match to both my skin and MUFE’s 123.  I’ve been using this product for the last 3 days and I’m absolutely loving it.  It’s super light on my skin which feels noticeably great compared to other foundations.  It provides a sheer coverage but it’s buildable and with 2 applications it gave me the coverage that I liked.  Here are some of my pro’s and con’s…


Lightweight.  It’s been really nice with this hot weather we’ve been having.

Water-based.  It leaves a nice dewy finish, I thought I’d look oily but that’s not the case at all, it leaves a very natural finish.

Coverage is buildable.  Like I mentioned, it takes me 2 applications to achieve the coverage I need, but one application definitely provides enough coverage for those who don’t need too much.

A little goes a long way.  Because of the water base consistency the product goes on so smoothly and applies nicely.  It doesn’t dry up in the middle of application.


Using your fingers.  This has been the biggest downfall for me because I love using a brush to apply my foundation.  With this product you’ll find yourself wasting too much product by applying it with a brush.  Your fingers are your best bet.

Longevity.  I recommend using a setting powder with this product.  I still use my NARS Light reflecting setting powder and it’s worked great.

So there you have it!  I highly recommend this product.

10 Secret uses for everyday beauty products

I love finding cheaper products to do the job of an expensive product.  These products may not be a part of my everyday routine, but when you’re running low on something its always nice to have an alternative product that you probably already have around the house.  I do admit though that most of these products I do use regularly.


^^ I love using hair mist as a body moisturizer.  The cooling sensation is great for days in the hot sun^^3

^^ I’ve personally done this.  I only apply it on my hairline when my hair is pulled back.  I think anything more than than would make your hair feel gross^^4

^^ I only use baby shampoo to clean my brushes.  I’ve tried expensive brush cleaners and they’re just not worth it.  This is the best way…IMO ^^5

^^ It really does work for fly away hairs, but another great use is apply to eyebrows to give them a nice clean look  🙂 ^^6

^^ I tried this for the first time a couple of days ago.  It worked nicely, it wasn’t messy at all.  You may want to avoid the gel deodorants, those could be dangerous^^7

^^ This is my go-to makeup remover.  I absolutely love using baby oil to remove makeup.  FYI its even great for removing temporary tattoos off the kids^^8

^^ I use this as my everyday primer.  I love the way my foundation is applied so evenly and the outcome is flawless.^^


^^I don’t wear hose, but I know that this works because I’ve witnessed it!^^


^^This not only works, but feels so refreshing! I like to stick it in the fridge for a little bit before applying it.^^11

^^ I love to exfoliate my face and lips and sugar is a cheap alternative to expensive exfoliating washes.  I also like to add a little sugar to my hand soap once in a while, it leaves your hand feeling so soft.^^

I found 2 gorgeous scented candles from Chesapeake Bay

I am a scent freak!!!! I’ve mentioned this before many-a-times.  I love walking through the fragrance department and finding new fragrances to try.  There is always a big chance that I’ll walk out with something (even if it’s asking the sales person for a sample lol).  It’s kind of an addiction.  The same goes for the home!  I love having a nice smelling home, as well as walking into someone else home and it smelling nice.  Candles are always nice because the scent lasts, while air freshener sprays disappear after a little bit.  I also love the oils with the reeds, those seem to last the longest… that’s my experience at least. But my favorite has to be candles, unfortunately I would hardly buy them because I don’t like the flame, so I really wouldn’t get the full benefit out of them. I have a phobia of fire in the house (I also don’t have a gas stove).  So, when I discovered these candle warmers I got really excited about being able to finally buy candles and being able to have their scent fill a room without the worry of starting a fire by flame.  Yesterday I was browsing around Ross and found these two Chesapeake Bay candles for $5 each!!! Whaaaa???  They smell amazing.


This Kiwi Lemonade…. If I didn’t smell this and immediately want to create a drink afterward.  It is that yummy.  Sweet, tart, crisp and bright.  This is a great scent for Spring heading into Summer.  I put this candle in my bathroom and after only about an hour I could smell it without even lighting it or warming it.

chesapeake-bay-candle7-8-oz-coconut-jasminejarcandle-kThe Coconut Jasmine I used as my bedroom scent.  It is calming as well as uplifting.  It really makes me happy.  This scent reminds me of a Spa.  Have you ever been in a spa at a beach resort?  Well if you haven’t this is the perfect candle to transport you to one.  Just keep it on your bedside table, open up your windows, let the breeze flow in and lay down and close your eyes.  AHHHHH

If you’re like me and don’t like flame in your home this candle warmer works really good and it’s pretty too 😉


My Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products


Hi guys! So today I thought it would be fun to share a post about my favorite drug store beauty products. I don’t get really adventurous about drugstore beauty products just because I am a huge fan of companies like Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, MAC and a couple more of the higher end products. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that places like Sephora, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and MAC focus on letting the customer really get in there and have fun trying on all their products while drug stores don’t. It’s hard to walk into a drug store and actually apply the product to see how you like it. But there are a few products that I purchase routinely from the drugstore because I do use them a lot. As you’ll see from the picture I did not include a foundation- It’s because I have never found a foundation that matches my skin tone. I did however buy two shades in Revlon Colorstay foundation that worked well, but it was just stupid for me to do that when I have my Makeup Forever foundation that I love. Some things you just have to splurge on  So without further ado….

1.  Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo “On and On Bronze” Eyeshadow $7
2.  L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Dramatic Volume Building Mascara Carbon Black $9
3.  Revlon – Ultra HD Lip Lacquer, HD “Petalite” – $8
4.  Rimmel Kate Most Lasting Finish in “08”- $16
5.  NYX felt liner $10
6.  Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush “Rose Petal”- $8
7.  Real Techniques expert face brush $9
8.  Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser $11
9.  Ecotools Kabuki Retractable Brush-$8
10.  Almay Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads- $6
11.  L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow “Amber Rush”- $8

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean


Most of you know from my past posts that I’m really loving Soap&Glory products.  So when I came across this product the smell alone was enough to hook me.  I’ve been using it for about a week now and I have some good things and some not-so-good things to say about it.  So here we go…

The Pros:

The smell is absolutely die-licious!  Sweet peach with just a hint of mint.

The creaminess of it is really nice. It leaves my face feeling moisturized.

The price is very reasonable.  $28 for 16oz

I like that it comes with a pump.  No fussing around with caps

The Cons:

It doesn’t lather.  This is a negative for me because I really like suds when it comes to cleansers.

Doesn’t remove makeup.  It’s great alone in the morning when you have no makeup but at night I need to remove my makeup and then follow with the cleanser.

No exfoliation.  I’ve been incorporating my Philosophy scrub for a deeper cleansing.


This or That Beauty Tag

Hi guys!  Cass from CasssBeauty tagged all of her followers to take part in her beauty tag- of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I love doing tags and love reading the different responses of everyone else.  So I’m extending this tag to all of you…

Blush or BronzerBlush I’m naturally tanned so I really don’t need bronzer
Lip Gloss or LipstickLip Gloss I love glosses especially shimmer ones

Eye Liner or MascaraMascara. I got my eyeliner tattooed a few years back
Foundation or ConcealerFoundation. I love MUFE’s HD foundation.
Neutral or Color eye shadowNeutral. My fave is MAC’s pressed pigment in Blond Streak

Pressed or Loose eye shadowsPressed. I usually do my face makeup before eyes so I don’t like to have to clean up the falling mess
Brushes or SpongesBrushes. I hardly ever use sponges unless it’s a Beauty Blender
Favorite makeup brandMUFE & Urban Decay
OPI or China GlazeOPI! Mostly for the hilarious names- I’m not really a waitress, Tickle my France-y, I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw, In the Cable Car-Pool Lane & I don’t give a Rotterdam… just to name a few.

opi_sanfrancisco_cable-car-pool-lane opi_nail_polish_rotterdam
Long or ShortA classy long with a curved-squared shape
Acrylic or NaturalAcrylic- my nails are way to weak
Brights or DarksI like brights with glitter
Flower or No FlowerNo Flowers
Perfume or Body SplashPerfume! Unless I’m staying home then I’ll use a slash after I get out of the shower
Lotion or Body ButterNeither. I like to use this Sorbet from The Body Shop. It moisturizes without the sticky or slimy feel

Body Wash or SoapBody Wash. I love Soap & Glory
Lush or other bath companyOoooh Lush! I love them. I like Philosophy and Soap & Glory better though.
Jeans or Sweat PantsJeans outside of the house and Sweat pants inside. It really is a tie between the two since I basically live in both.
Long sleeve of ShortLong sleeve
Dresses or SkirtsMaxi Skirts with tank tops
Stripes or PlaidI’ll have to go with vertical stripes.
Flip Flops or SandalsHere in Hawaii we call them slippers and I prefer those over sandals
Scarves or HatsScarves
Studs or Dangly earringsDangly with lots of color or sparkle

Necklaces or BraceletsBracelets
Heels or FlatsHeels (not too high though)
Cowboy Boots or Riding BootsDon’t know the difference.
Forever 21 or Charlotte RusseCharlotte Russe
Abercombie or HollisterI don’t think I fit into any of their clothes- it’s for skinnier people
Saks 5th or NordstromNordstrom I love their beauty department.

curly or straightMy hair is naturally wavy so I have fun straightening it
bun or ponytailPonytail
bobby pins or butterfly clipsBobby pins
hair spray or gelHairspray
long or shortLong
light or darkmedium brown with highlights
side sweep bangs or full bangsSide swept
up or downUp, I can’t stand my hair falling in my face
Rain or shineShine!
Summer or winterWinter, it gets too muggy here in the summer
Fall or springFall! Thanksgiving & Pumpkin Lattes
East coast or west coastWest Coast! Disneyland and Vegas!!!