Mu’umu’u Heaven

Whenever I would go walking around Kailua town I’d always stop by this cute little boutique store and just browse around.  I love boutique shops where you can find unique items that you can’t find anywhere else.  This shop has it all… accessories, things for the home, clothing and even fun little goodies like ornaments during Christmas.  Yesterday when I was walking around Waikiki I came across their little hut in the DFS Galleria.  So for all of you visiting Hawaii soon and want to pick up some gifts to take back home I highly recommend that you visit their shop.  I was really surprised that they didn’t up the prices being in Waikiki.  I think the prices are pretty awesome considering how expensive things are here.   Click here to visit their site.

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Our Super Bowl Party!!!

We were rooting for the Seahawks because that’s my son’s favorite team… What the heck happened?!  Ugh, why did he pass the ball? That was the crappiest ending to a game.  I did love the half time show!!!!  Katy Perry rocked- and then Missy Elliott came on and took over and totally shut down the entire show!  It was awesome!

BeFunky_4.jpg BeFunky_5.jpg BeFunky_6.jpg BeFunky_8.jpg BeFunky_9.jpg BeFunky_16.jpg BeFunky_19.jpg BeFunky_20.jpg


Glow in the dark themed party

This weekend we celebrated my niece Kyla’s birthday.  Her theme was “Glow in the dark dance party”.  It turned out amazing.  The kids had such a blast- everything glowing, karaoke and dancing!  Here are some pictures.

BeFunky_photo2 1.jpg BeFunky_photo2 4.jpg BeFunky_photo3 1.jpg BeFunky_photo 1.jpg

^^I found that Kylas at that age where shopping is not easy for a birthday.  Too old for dolls too young for makeup.  I decorated a mason jar and added some goodies and an Icing gift card.^^BeFunky_photo 3.jpg

^^Even I got into the fun.  Matching glow mask with my daughter^^BeFunky_photo 12.jpg

^^Love the glow sticks as the cupcake toppers.  We had to make sure the little ones didn’t eat them^^BeFunky_photo 14.jpg

^^ My daughter left the party with lots of glow accessories^^BeFunky_photo 22.jpg BeFunky_photo 23.jpg

^^ Kyla won this game.  Literally put the whole donut in her mouth^^BeFunky_photo 25.jpg

My baby girl is 6 years old. Here are some pix from her B-day party

My little princess turned 6 years old on Saturday. The years go by so fast. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter. She is the sweetest, kindest little girl and I can’t get enough of her hugs and kisses. I love her to death. She really wanted a pool party so my aunty was nice enough to rent out the pool and pavilion area at her condos. She wanted a candy bar so I was able to have some fun with the theme. I’m really happy with the way everything turned out… especially her candy buffet. Even though it was a little overcast, it didn’t stop us from having a great time and no one got sunburned. The best part for me was when my daughter said “Mommy I loved my party sooooo much”.

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DIY Photo Ornament & My Christmas Tree

This year I wanted to hang photos as ornaments. After a couple of trials I found that the ornaments were just too small and in order to see the photo you would have to get up pretty close. Instead I decided to make 4×6 frames and display some larger photos by just randomly placing them to sit on the tree branches. I’m really satisfied with the way it came out. I ended up using about 35 photos.

My supplies included:
1 bottle of black acrylic paint $4.50
1 bottle of silver acrylic glitter $5.00
Large Craft Sticks (I bought a box of 300) $7.00
Ornaments for decor (I used glitter snowflakes) 12 for $3 I bought 3 bags for $9.00
I printed my photos at Walgreens and used a code that gave me 40% off.  I paid $4 for my prints.
This project cost me around $30

It was such an easy project. First paint the craft sticks with black paint and after drying for about 15 minutes paint with silver glitter. I then glued the sticks together using hot glue and glued the snowflake to the corner. I used double stick tape to adhere my photos to the back.

Baby Shower

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Last night we threw a baby shower for my cousin Pili.  She is expecting her first child.  We had so much fun.  Family and Friends gathered to shower her with love and gifts.  I made her a blanket cake (pictured bellow).  I made the “icing” of the cake with the blankets and made a bunch of “lollipops” out of washcloths.  I then decorated it with clothes, teething rings, beanies and the cutest little socks.  Her theme was “Ready to Pop”.  Her colors were neon pink and green.  Here are a few photos from last night. 

Toy Story Party

Yesterday was my nephew Kaikea’s 2nd birthday party.  It was a pool party and my cousin made it a Toy Story theme.  I was in charge of the cupcakes, so I made “Green Alien” cupcakes.  Everyone had a blast, especially the kids who spent the entire time in the car.