My photo journal challenge

Is anyone else out there totally lost in what day it is? I’ve been really having to think about it lately. Everyday has been so routine for over a week. I’m so bored, so I can only imagine how it is for my kids. We’ve been trying to get them outside to run around and play ball but the weathers been pretty rainy here and it’s been hard to get out. Lords knows the last thing I need to do is have my kids getting a cold because I let them play in the rain. Because our days have become so blurred, I’ve decided to take pictures throughout the day so that we actually know what day we ran to the store or put gas in the car. It also gives me a little project to do. Please do not expect too many edited perfect photos, Although a color story app is my obsession. I’ll try my best to keep it interesting. I mean, I am only limited to my house, which is what makes this a challenge. I thought of this only this afternoon so I didn’t get many pics during the day but here they are…

Been enjoying trying out different blends
The sky at sunset was gorgeous tonight.
When I took this photo I noticed the blur. There was a smudge on my phone lenses. The beauty in flaws.
When we ran to the bakery we found water balloons and bought around 300 of them. Great investment in these times.
We’ve been grilling a lot. Gives us a chance to have a cocktail outside.

A morning at the park with my girls!

This morning before heading off to work I took my girls to the park to have some breakfast and to play on the jungle gym.  My youngest loves to be outdoors and pretty much nags the entire time in the house to get out.  So when she’s at the park running around she’s her happiest. It was really nice to have the morning with them, I wish every morning could be spent like this!

Happy Birthday Maui!


Today my son turns 18!  I am a mother to an adult, I can hardly believe it. He has been my rock since the day he was born.  I owe so much to this guy.  It’s because of him that I had to grow up fast and thus the reason why my life took the path that lead me to where I am now.  I love him more than life itself.

Aria is 1!


My baby is already 1!!!!  This year flew by sooo quickly, it feels like I just gave birth to her.  It’s so hard to believe that it was a year ago that I was in the hospital trying not to give birth too early.  I held off for a full 5 days before she got impatient and entered this world.  She was such an incredible blessing in a time of some very unfortunate illnesses that took 2 very important people from us just 2 months after her birth.  She put smiles on our faces when we needed it the most.


Last night we opened presents and had some cake and ice cream.  On Saturday is when we’ll be actually celebrating. So I will have lots of pictures to share with you.


Life Lately

Life has been pretty busy.  I wish I had more time to sit at my computer and blog- it’s the one thing that really helps me escape, this and reading a book or watching a good movie.  Honestly it’s so hard to get a good amount of downtime to do either.


I love this picture of Aria!  She started a little cold last week so obviously she was very grumpy so I’m glad I caught one of the rare moments when she was happy.  She’s constantly wanting to be carried, she’s had a runny nose that had her throwing tantrums because she was so irritated and there have been a few sleepless nights. It’s so sad and at times frustrating.  Of course I can’t blame baby but when I have to get things done sometimes I just have to put her in her crib and let her cry while I try to do as much as I can.  I’ve been feeling like a zombie for almost a week now.


Last week Friday was my son Maui’s homecoming football game and senior night.  They won!!! He played so well and it was nice that so many of my family members were able to show up and support him.  This Saturday is their last season game before heading off to the playoffs.  Hopefully they can make it pretty far (fingers crossed).

2 3

We very rarely take pictures with all 6 of us in it.  Even in this picture my mom is included lol.  Maybe for Christmas this year we’ll get some professional ones done with all of us.


On Saturday Tea went to my niece’s birthday party.  My cousin let my niece invite a few of her closest friends and had someone come over and give an art lesson. They were all taught to draw the same thing- a picture of a mermaid.  Tea sent me this photo of her painting.  Kahele and I were so confused on what we were looking at lol.  Kahele saw a blue volcano with orange lava flowing into the sea and I…. sort of agreed with him hahaa!  But when Tea came home she explained that the blue volcano is actually the mermaid’s hair and the orange is her tail!  Do you see it now?!  She loved it so much that she wants to paint all the damn time now.  Maybe she has a future, she’s way better than her father and I am for sure.

4 5

Sunday BBQ was so relaxing!  The weather was so pretty and the sunset and rainbows were gorgeous.

Well, that’s pretty much been whats been going on in my life as of late.  Hopefully I’ll have a new post soon!


Saying Goodbye to Summer Vacation!


Summer vacation is coming to an end and next week the kids will be off to school.  Maybe I can actually start blogging more now.  The weather this summer sucked!  We weren’t even able to take Aria to the beach.  The older kids would tag along with my sister or other family members but it was too windy and overcast to take the baby.  Hopefully we get the opportunity this weekend.  We’ve been to the pool a few times though and she loves the water, so fingers crossed that she’ll love the ocean too.

Although I had to work A LOT this summer I really enjoyed my days off spending time with the kids and having family BBQ’s with my sister and nieces before they moved.  I would say that was the highlight of my summer, just being able to enjoy the company of family.

I’m really excited about the new school year ahead.  It’ll be Maui’s senior year (I still can’t believe it) and they’ll be so much going on with him and I will not take any of the time spent with him for granted.  I mean who knows where he’ll be next year!  Hopefully he gets into a good college.  Kuha’o will be starting at a new school, and I’m so excited for him too.  Lots of positive changes going on!


Aria is 8 months


Can I just say that this year is flying by so quickly.  So much has happened this year and so many changes are taking place in my life which is making it seem like my little baby is growing up way too fast.  Aria is probably my last baby so I really try and be present in every second that I spend with her.  I can’t believe that in just 4 months she’ll be a year old!  In Hawaii we usually throw a big luau for the baby’s first birthday.  I did this for my two boys but not for my daughter and I’m debating on whether or not Aria will get one.  Money is so tight and if I’m gonna dish out 5grand on a party to feed and entertain everyone else I think it’s probably better to just plan a trip and take my family to Disneyland!


This little girl loves being outdoors.  As long as she’s being strolled around or in her walker she’s happy.  Over the weekend we finally took her to the pool and she loved it.  We can’t wait to take her to the beach.

Happy Birthday Kuha’o


My second born turned 12 yesterday! TWELVE!  I can’t believe it!  He’s going through some major changes in life and it’s so exciting to see him growing into a such an amazing young man.  He recently got accepted into a really good school that he’ll be at from 7th grade through his senior year and is attending a mandatory summer program that he is absolutely loving.

To celebrate we took his closest cousins bowling and then we followed with a BBQ at home.  Lemme tell you… bowling is the perfect thing to do when you have kids and adults of all ages.  So much fun.

I love this kid so much there are just no words.