Rodan & Fields… the products I love

Hi guys! I know it’s been a while. I’ve gone back to work and life has been busy. So, I’ve been selling Rodan and Fields for over a couple of months now. In that time I’ve been trying out all of the products. In my previous R&F posts, I said that I would give my honest opinion on the products. In this post I want to keep it positive and talk about the products I love.

Lashboost Cost: $155 Supply: 2-3 months

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This bad boy does what it says… it boosts your lashes by giving the appearance of fuller, longer and darker lashes. I’ve made this a part of my night routine. Normally I wear mascara every day and in the past I used to notice that I would always loose a couple of lashes while removing my makeup. This doesn’t happen anymore. This proves the stronger and fuller lash. I haven’t noticed too much length difference. Maybe I’ll give it another month to give an update. This is a good investment.

Redefine Regimen Cost: $208 Supply: 2months

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The redefine regimen is my night regimen. My face feels so clean after using this product. The cleansing mask is perfect for those like me who wear makeup. It’s a scrub that give a deep clean at the end of the day. I follow with the toner and then the PM cream. On the weekends I use the AM cream because I usually don’t wear make up on the weekend so the SPF gives the protection that I usually get with my SPF foundation.

Recharge Regimen Cost: $134 Supply: 2 mos.

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This is my morning regimen. The cleanser is a light gel foaming cleanser with gentle scrub, perfect for the morning. The moisturizer is a light water based cream that gives a light feeling. The recharge sunscreen is a MUST!!!! This product reminds me of Benefits Porefessional Primer. This gives a blurring effect and acts as the perfect base for foundation application. I love love love this product. You can buy the Sunscreen on its own for $48.

My Favorite Product from R&F


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This product is awesome!!!! I have never felt my face feel as smooth and soft as after I use this product. I use it twice a week. my suggestion would be to buy a cheaper Derma-roller and order the serum alone for $102. You can find a Derma roller by Sonia Kashuk for $10 at Target… I own one and it works perfectly.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Please if you are interested in purchasing any R&F products, or know of anyone, please purchase from my site

R&F save 15% + free SPF with full+ mini regimen purchase

This is a great deal guys. The full size redefine regimen alone costs $208. So for only $10 more you receive a mini regimen along with SPF! And if you already have your PC perks, it’s only gonna cost you $197. Check out the site for other regimen deals.

Here’s the full size regimen

If you’ve been contemplating a new skin care regimen, I can honestly say that I’m loving a lot of the products so far. I’ve been using the Redefine regimen and I’m loving it. I want to give it a couple of weeks before actually reviewing it (because I’m me and that’s just how I work). I’m also using the lash boost. I’ve only been using it for 4 days now so I’m really not seeing a lot of results yet. But some of the before and after pictures I’ve seen online are crazy. I hope I have amazing results to share with you.

I’ve also tried the derma-roller and renewing serum… probably my favorite of all. The feeling of my skin after applying the serum, I’ve never felt my skin like that.

And that’s about all I’ve tried so far. My kids have been using a couple of other regimens and I’m excited to get them into a good skin care routine. They’ve all had face washes and toners but to have a regimen specifically targeted towards sensitive skin or teenagers is so convenient! Especially my 12 year old daughter, this is an important age where her skin may change dramatically.

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A new business venture…

For so many years I’ve had friends and co-workers try to get me to jump in on businesses like Amway, Mary-Kay, Avon… and I was never interested. The thought of ordering products for someone and then having to deliver it to them never sounded fun to me. It actually sounded like too much work. I vowed to myself that there was no way I would fall into something like no matter how much someone built it up to me, it just didn’t sound fun at all.

I’m super excited to start using this product

My cousin got into Rodan & Fields, I want to say a couple of years ago, and tried to get me to join. I refused for so long, and one day during quarantine she asked me if I wanted to join at that time because she was still making a lot of money even though we all were at home. I said I’d think about it. She sent me the link that evening inviting to a zoom meeting where I could hear some of the stories from those who are selling the products and how they’re making out during quarantine. I could not believe when my cousin shared with everyone that the money she makes from selling this product practically paid for her daughters PUNAHOU tuition. That’s an expensive school… you may have heard of it… Barack Obama?! When I heard that, along with stories of those who actually were able quit their job because they were bringing home more money selling these products and how all the payments and shipments would be taken care of through the company!!!… I was interested.

I guess my cousin felt she had to announce my arrival on board… no pressure at all 😉

So I did it! I bought my business kit and set up my account. I’m going to be real with you all and say that I’ve only tried a few of these products. I also want to say that I will be totally honest in my posts about each product. There have been so many times that I’ve gone on a website and read about a product and bought it only to find it’s crap. I know that every beauty brand will have their good products and not-so-good products. I’m on a mission to find the products that work best for me and my family.

Just to gain your trust a little… I actually worked as a esthetician for about 10 years before having my oldest daughter. Some brands that I’ve worked with, that I hold pretty high up there are… Yon Ka, Aveda and Dermalogica. Working at some popular spas like Abhasa Spa at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Serenity Spa at the Outrigger Reef, both in Waikiki, I’ve had to attend MANY skin care classes. So yes, skin care has always been really important to me. Because the R&F products are pretty pricey, I want to make sure that I can promote the products that I feel are really worth dishing out your hard earned money for. So please if you are interested in checking out my site for now please click here.