Thursday Throwback- When Maui met Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Maui used to be the biggest WWE fan when he was a little boy and his favorite wrestler was The Rock.  My best friend Hina worked on the movie set of The Rundown and called one morning saying that he was going to be on site and to bring Maui down to meet him.  Maui was soooo excited the whole ride there and made sure that he brought his wrestling figure of The Rock with him.  When Dwayne started walking towards us Maui all of a sudden got so shy lol.  When he asked his name Maui replied “Maui” and Dwayne said “That’s one of the coolest names ever!”  It’s funny that he actually played “Maui” in the movie Moana!


Thursday Throwback


Maui & Tea on our 2012 trip to Vegas.  I can’t believe how young they both are.  It’s just a reminder to love them and have as much fun with them as I can before they’re adults themselves.

Thursday Throwback



Tea, Kyla & Malika


Here’s a picture of my daughter and her 2 closest cousins from a few years ago.  To see how little they looked gets me choked up because it just shows how fast time flies by.  So many things have changed since… some good and some bad.  Just looking at these photos from the past makes you realize how important it is to cherish every moment of life because before you know it your children are grown and you’ll wish for those moments back.