Santa Cruz Boardwalk

I really wanted to check out the Santa Cruz boardwalk while on vacation, we were so busy that if I wanted to see it we had to go right when it opened.  So we got there around 15 minutes before the vendors and rides opened which was perfect for a peaceful walk.  We didn’t end up going on any rides because we didn’t want to take the risk of getting sick before the Beyonce concert, but it was still a nice place to see.  We need one of these in Hawaii.


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We waited for Hot Dog on a Stick to open because my sister just neeeeded one!  We have a one right in the mall in Kaneohe btw.

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We ran into this and I thought it was such a cool idea to flavor your potatoes the way you want!  Sour cream and onion please!

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Psycho Donuts San Jose


When researching some “must-try” sweets near our hotel we came across Psycho Donuts.  Being a donut lover I knew that we had to fit this in.  Turns out it was about a 5 minute drive from our hotel.  This place is so cool, not only is it a bakery but it’s also a fricken theater!

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I loved the decor!  A lot of movie memorabilia.  I thought this wheel was perfect for those who are indecisive.  I almost used it myself.48 8 7 6

I suggested that they cut up a few donuts as samples because we had such a hard time choosing.  There are soooo many to choose from and they’re crazy with the names and overboard toppings which makes you want to try them all.46 24 49

In the end my sister had the Dirty Turtle (left) I had the Cereal Killer (center) and my BFF Hina had the Nutty Buddy. I have no idea what theirs tasted like but mine was awesome- it’s glazed with marshmallow and topped with crunch berries.  Talk about ooey gooey.

Eagle Cafe Pier 39


On the morning of our Alcatraz tour we had to get to the pier as early as we could because there was the Bay to Breakers 12k  going on that  and there were a lot of road closures.  So we headed out early and planned to have breakfast there.  The only thing that we found open was Eagle Cafe which was awesome because it made our decision on where to eat that much easier.  This place has so many yummy choices that it took my sister and I a really long time to come to a final decision.


I ended up going with the Corned Beef Hash with eggs and potatoes


I mean come on… look at the presentation!  And the taste was die-licious!


My sister went with the Crab cakes Eggs Benedict.  Of course I had a taste and it was really good!  I actually recommend getting this.


We shared a short stack of banana pancakes.  This was probably one of the best pancakes I’ve ever had.  They were super fluffy and packed with flavor.  I loved the brown sugar and walnut crumble on top.


It was a little too early for oysters but this had me craving them as the day went on.


Its such a cute and cozy little cafe.  I will be going back one day for their chowder bread bowls that I’ve been reading some good reviews on.

I’m Back….

From my San Francisco trip.  It was a roller coaster of fun, drama, and relaxation.  Of course the high light of our trip was the BEYONCE concert!  What a performer- she gives her audience the ultimate concert experience.  She dances and sings her ass off.  But I’m saving that post for a little later because there are a lot of video that I took that I want to share with you all.

Let’s just start from day 1.  We got our plane tickets from a friend who works for the airlines and she accidentally booked us on a flight to LAX when we’re supposed to go to San Jose (where our hotel was), instead of paying a fee to change the flight we decided to take a little road trip.  Don’t ever do a road trip from LA to San Jose because there is NOTHING to see but rolling hills and…. Yeah that’s pretty much it.  We did do a little drive through Hollywood though and that was fun.



LACMA Urban Lights

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We had dinner reservations at The Stinking Rose (one of my favorite restaurants!!!) at 5:30 and got there with plenty of time to spare.  So we were able to walk around China Town and Little Italy before feasting, and feasting we did!

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All you lovers of garlic have to try this restaurant!  There’s one located in LA as well.


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After dinner it was still light out so we decided to knock another “must see” off of our list.  Off to the Palace of Fine Arts.

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This place is so peaceful and pretty, I could stay there for hours and read a book, picnic and maybe even take a little nap in a cozy spot.  On this particular night there was a prom going on!  How lucky are these students that they get to have a prom in such a beautiful place. They had some really nice pictures with this amazing backdrop for sure.

We finally made our way to our hotel to get some rest before a busy day 2.

The Best Veggie Burger I’ve Ever Had


Today I went to Island Vintage Coffee in Waikiki.  I was looking at the menu and could not decide what I wanted to eat because honestly everything looked good.  They have so many yummy things on the menu.  After much deliberation I decided on the Grilled Mushroom Burger.



Best decision- this burger was die-licious!  They take Portobello mushrooms, tomato and red peppers and sauté them in a mild balsamic vinaigrette. Then they layer the mushroom mix with goat cheese bits, micro greens and red onions and top it with a garlic aioli.  They put all of this on the freshest taro bun- it’s a work of art!  The burger comes with a simple salad made up of mixed greens in light vinaigrette and garnished with roasted pistachio.  I ate EVERYTHING!  It was so good that I can’t wait to go back and have another.


If you’re planning a trip to Waikiki, definitely visit this coffee shop.  It’s located in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center 2nd floor.  It gets very crowded so if you have a tour that you’re gonna go on you may want to allow yourself an extra hour to get your order in and eat.  They do take out too of course but the line to even put in your order can be pretty long. It’s well worth the wait though.  They also have an organic store (right next to the café) and a shave ice stand on the ground level.



My kids are back from vacation!

Yesterday my kids returned from California.  Kahele and I were so excited to see them- not sure if the feeling was mutual lol!  I’m sure they wish that they were still at Disneyland.  They had so many stories to tell us and it was clear that they had the time of their lives.  I wanted them to have an easy time getting back into the swing of things this morning, so I made sure to get them to bed early and had breakfast waiting for them when they woke up.  I could tell that my younger son was not having it.  I’m sure he’ll be fine in the next couple of days.  Here are some pictures that my sister took while over there.

Shakas from disneyland

Aloha from Univerasal Studios



My kids are at Disneyland without me :(

My sister took my kids to California! Maui, Kuha’o and Tea are all at Disneyland as I write this post. They are sending me pictures and I’m getting so jealous of how much fun they’re having without me:( Before my brother-in-law passed he told my sister that when he goes he wants her to take his daughters along with all his nieces and nephews to Disneyland and have fun. For over two years their family struggled while dealing with his cancer and his wish was for my sister and his daughters to get off the island and have a fun trip to their favorite family destination.

I debated on whether it would be worth it to go, but after juggling with the thought I realized that traveling with a 3 month old just wouldn’t be fun for anyone. I wouldn’t be able to ride any rides and I’d just be holding everyone up with all the baggage that would have to be lugged around (stroller, car seat, etc.). In the end I decided not to go. It was so weird to not have to get breakfast ready for the kids and to actually sleep in for an extra half hour. As much as I want Monday to come around (that’s when they come back) I want them to have the time of their lives.
Here are some pictures that they sent to me

IMG_5634 IMG_5635 IMG_5636 IMG_5637

Hilton Waikiki Beach

While I was in the hospital we found out that our kitchen floors needed to be replaced due to asbestos found in the original floor under our tile.  This was a little treat because baby had to stay in the hospital NICU and staying in Waikiki was a much closer commute to the hospital than from my home.  This hotel was so nice.  Located on Kuhio Ave it’s only a block away from the beach and the honolulu zoo.  There are tons of places to eat, including MAC 24/7 located in the lobby.  As soon as we entered the lobby I knew that this hotel had style.  The lobby bar is the first thing that caught my eye- so pretty in pink.


This bar looks amazing at night lit up in led lighting.




MAC 27/4 is a restaurant located in the lobby.  The food is great but the prices are a little high so we only ate here once during our stay.

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The room was so pretty.

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While waiting for the valet (at least 3 times a day to get to the hospital) we were treated to complimentary water and li hing mui pineapple.