Las Vegas AKA Hawaii’s Ninth Island

Most of us living in Hawaii choose Las Vegas as our #1 travel destination. It’s one of the shortest plane rides and Hawaiian Airlines flies direct. Here, we refer to L.V. as The Ninth Island. If you’re ever in Downtown Las Vegas you will run into tons of people from Hawaii, that’s a fact. While we were walking around downtown checking out the new Grand hotel we came across this. I just had to stop and take a picture.

Bellagio Fountain Show

My most favorite place to visit is the Observatory at the Bellagio.  Sadly we went at the worst time, because it was under construction for its transition from Chinese New Years to Spring 😦  I still love walking around that hotel though, its so beautiful.  Every time I go there I have to stop at the staircase that my favorite actress (Julia Roberts) walked down in Oceans 11.  The funniest thing is that we were actually there, those many years ago, when they were filming that scene, but we didn’t know about it until a couple of days later. I remember seeing the camera crew and an entire section being blocked off to the public. You could imagine my disappointment knowing that my favorite actress was only a few yards away from me. I hope for the opportunity to meet her someday.

We also watched the fountain show!  It always amazes me how high the water shoots up.  We had the perfect view of the Paris hotel.  It was so romantical!  The song that we heard was “My Heart Will Go On”  by none other than my favorite singer Celine Dion.  I wish I were there now instead of sitting here at work on my down time typing about it LOL.

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Serendipity 3- Our late night dessert

Whenever visiting Vegas, it’s a must that I have my White Chocolate Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3! On this particular night we were still full from dinner, but I didn’t know if I’d make it back to Caesar’s anytime during the rest of the trip, so I forced myself to enjoy my fill of heaven in a cup.  It was sooo yummy!  My sister ordered a plain old boring regular hot chocolate.  She said it really good though.

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Celine Dion at Ceasar’s Palace

The highlight of my Las Vegas trip was going to the Celine Dion concert at Caesar’s Palace.  We were in the 13th row, so we had a great view. There were moments in the show where she was literally 10 feet away from us…. Amazing. At the beginning of the show, they play a video of her world tour and her life leading to her Vegas comeback. There are personal videos of her family and her beautiful children. It was a great way to start the show as it really built up the emotion of the audience. I was literally crying before she even came out on stage. When she finally came on stage… forget it! I was like one of those Michael Jackson fans we used to see on television. You know the one… they totally look like idiots because they lose all control of their emotions and practically faint. Well, now I can honestly say I know how they felt. I was star struck!!!

She has so much energy; she gave a100% through out the entire show. She had me singing along, crying, laughing and even dancing. What a great performer. With the orchestra, her amazing back up singers and the beautiful stage and lighting the show was one that touched so many senses. My favorite song performed was “Overjoyed” featuring a 3D hologram of Stevie Wonder. Her voice is so angelic, that I literally had goose bumps the whole time.

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The Mob Museum

If you’re ever in Downtown Las Vegas I highly recommend visiting The Mob Museum.  It was so much fun to learn the history of the Mob and look at all of the neat displays.  We learned about the famous faces behind organized crime as well as the impact that it had on Las Vegas.  My favorite part was being able to go into the actual courtroom used in the Kefauver hearings.  We were able to experience the case with a “real life” effect.  There were screens showing images as well as audio recordings from the actual proceeding.  I can’t believe that after visiting Vegas so many times, this was my first visit to the museum.  I will definitely visit again.

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The Sugar Factory


The Sugar Factory is one of my favorite restaurants, not only on the Las Vegas strip, but overall. I love the atmosphere- loud music, pretty décor and hip staff. It’s located in the Paris Hotel and overlooks Las Vegas Blvd. Depending on where you sit, you may be able to view the water show that the Bellagio puts on.

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On this evening I had to introduce my sister Tasha and friend Taimane, to my favorite cocktail “Lollipop Passion Goblet”. With the melon, coconut and pineapple flavors you have yourself a tropical drink with a bit of fizz. They dress it with a candy necklace and 2 spiral lollipops.  The dry ice they use creates a vapor when the liquid is poured over.  This is such a fun drink. Because these are $35 each I decided to share it with them. We ordered the BBQ pork sliders & fried macaroni and cheese as our appetizers. Taimane had the filet mignon (sorry I didn’t get a pix), Tasha had the club sandwich and I had the Oriental chicken salad. Everything was so yummy. I was so bummed that we were so full because I really wanted to try their “King Kong Sundae”. The couple next to us ordered it and it looked like a diabetics death wish. I really wanted to take a live video of the sundae with the sparklers, but that would have been beyond rude. Instead here is a picture courtesy of the Sugar Factory website


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After dinner we made our way to the retail store. Candy, Candy, Candy galore! I love being surrounded by sweets. I picked up a few things for my daughter and myself. I didn’t think my sons would mind not receiving anything from here heehee

My first night in Vegas

Hi everyone!  I woke up pretty early this morning to the realization that I wasn’t in my own bed and then I remembered… I’m in Las Vegas!!!!! Whoop whoop!  I have a few minutes before I’ll be heading out, so I thought I’d write a post about my airplane ride and last night.  The flight here wasn’t very comfortable.  Of course with my luck I get stuck behind the only screaming baby on the fight.  He cried the whole way here.  It was a family of 4- Mom, Dad, a girl around 4 years, a boy around 5 and this screaming 1 year old.  All he wanted was to be held by his mommy but she was feeling sick, oh and I should mention she’s pregnant again.  God bless this woman!

When the flight was finally over we headed to the rental car center to pick up my sweet ride. Lol.  I settled for the VW Passat.  It was raining pretty hard (never experienced rain in LV before) and there were so many accidents.  It took us about 40 minutes to get to our hotel. When we finally got settled we were so hungry so we headed downstairs to eat.

Fast forwarding ahead….  I lost $420 last night.  I had a great time, but needed to steer clear of the machines and tables so we decided to take a stroll down Freemont.  Here’s a little video that I took to pretty much sum up what I experienced.  I never get over how crazy drunk people let themselves get.
Overall I had a fun first night here.  I’m heading out for another awesome day.  I will share with everyone moprephotos and video a little later.

Tusca Restaurant Hyatt Orange County

One of the best parts about traveling is experiencing different restaurants.  We accidentally stumbled upon this restaurant when we were staying at a hotel near the Hyatt on our trip to Disneyland.  The atmosphere was gorgeous, the entire restaurant was lit with natural light streaming through the stories of windows of the Hyatt lobby. The food was also excellent.  We had brunch there, but I’ve always wanted to return for dinner.