Beach Day with the fam!

Hawaii is starting to open up! Yesterday we packed up the cars for the beach and spent the entire day there. However, when we were there we got alerts saying that after weeks of zero new covid cases we now have 8. This is soooo depressing. Will it ever end? What’s the plan?

I also got a text saying that we’ll be returning to work on the 15th but with these new cases, who knows what the governor will do now. I’m soooo craving normality and by the looks of it… things will probably never be what we considered normal.

My nieces and daughter (middle) had the best time
FYI uncrustables are the best beach snack

I dread going into places where face masks are required (which is pretty much everywhere here), and to even try to imagine that face masks are going to be a part of everyday is hard to accept. In Hawaii our greeting to anyone we run in to or meet is a kiss and hug. Now in public we find ourselves doing this weird elbow tap. I hate it! That’s not what I want my kids to grow up doing and it’s not something I want lost in our culture.

The older kids really missed this!

So, even though I don’t like going to the beach, I enjoyed myself. It’s something that brought all of us together that felt really normal to us. No face masks, laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean… it was a great day!

My grandson is the cutest

Growing up an island girl….

I’ve lived here in Hawaii my whole life.  I’ve never had the experience of college abroad or a long summer in the mainland.  So everything that I know and how I live my life is my normal.  It’s not until I meet people who are not from here, that I see myself in a different light, especially when they laugh at some of the phrases I use or some of the crazy things I do.

In Hawaii we are a melting pot of race and culture.  It is not unlikely that someone born and raised here will have 3 or more nationalities.  I am a mix of Hawaiian, Filipino, Portuguese, French, Irish and German.

Here are some interesting things about  growing up as an island girl…

The way we speak and the things we say may not make sense to those not from here.

I was always raised to speak correct English, but with my uncle’s and cousins and kids at school, of course sometimes I say things like…. “Last night we were talking story” meaning “Last night we got together and were chatting and catching up on life”.  Saying “rubbish can” instead of “garbage bin”, “stink eye” for “dirty look”,  and “ice box” for “refrigerator”.  But honestly… I do speak very good English considering that this is what I grew up hearing…

“If can, can.  If no can, no can” = If we can do it, we’ll do it. but if we can’t, we won’t

“you like ____?” = Do you want to _____?

“Any kine” = Anything

“Broke da Mouth” or “Ono” = delicious

“Bumbye” = eventually

“Choke” = plenty

“give ‘um”= go for it!

“Hana hou”= do it again

“k-den” = ok, alright

“pau” = done

“try”…  this is one we use for everything, like we didn’t know how to do anything.  My papa always said “try get the remote”, “try grab me a beer”, “try come”, “try wait”  etc.

A typical get together includes aunties, uncles, around 20 cousins and just as many nieces and nephews.  A baby luau, graduation party or wedding will have up to 400 people and that’s after cutting out close to 100 people because the venue size.

Every day there will be fresh rice in the rice pot and mac salad in the refrigerator. 

Poi needs Poke like poke needs poi!  Which leads to….

Beef Stew will only be eaten with poi and poke.  If there’s no poi or poke we will not be eating beef stew.

Sundays are for BBQ-ing. 

A typical porch will look like mine….  slippers all over the place.  No slippers or shoes in the house!

Dress up attire is Aloha Wear. 

Everyone older than you is “Uncle” and “Aunty”  and friends that you grew up with are “cousins”.  At the end of the day “we all family”.

A graduate on graduation day looks like this… (we already filled 2 garbage bags of leis at this point)

Directions are based on “mauka” (mountain) or “makai” (ocean) or even…. “ova dea” (over there).

When the party is over everyone stays to clean up.

Football games at Aloha Stadium.  

No racism.  I’ve never experienced racism growing up… everybody jokes about everybody and no one takes it personally. 

When you visit family or when family visits the first thing you stay is “come inside, are you hungry?  There’s juice in the ice box” 

Once a man gets home the shirt comes off and the beer cans go in the freezer.

All of our cousins stuffed into the back of a pickup truck on our way to the beach.  This is of course illegal now.  Just another reason to blame our elders for the way we are today. We like to say “Remember the time you put all our lives in danger”

We all got “lickens” (slapped) when we’d “ack up” (didn’t behave).

Going to the gas station to get spam musubi and hawaiian sun juice for a 20 minute loooong car ride.

When ever you meet someone one of the first things you ask is “What school did you graduate from”  and it always means “high school”

The once a year 50th State Fair…. for some people this is the closest experience to Disneyland, which in actuality could never compare.

When you want to date someone you always need to find out their last name, their parents names and even their grandparents names just to make sure you’re not related.

These are just some things that I’ve experienced my whole life.  Hope you enjoyed.


I did it everyone! I went camping and survived!  It was actually really nice- We were at a pretty location, I had a huge tent, the weather was nice and we were right next to the bathroom and showers.  I was so worried about being far from the bathroom because I’ve been going so much during the night and didn’t want to walk a long distance. My kids had the time of their lives!  My nieces also enjoyed themselves.  I honestly would do it all over again- which the family is planning to do in about 6 months from now, I put in a request that we get the cabins this time 🙂  4 10I can never remember exact dates so this seemed like a cute idea 🙂

18My cousin captured this beautiful picture of my son Maui and my nephew Kaikea when they went to watch the sunrise.

17 16 15 14 13 12 11 9 5 3

Most of the days were spent in the water.  We had to actually force the kids out to reapply sunscreen and make sure they ate and drank water.

2 1 8 7

The nights were spent hunting for crabs, fishing and sitting around the BBQ.  We had a fun night of cards and scary stories while eating s’mores.  So much fun for the kids.

gif4 gif3 gif2 gif1

A few gifs.  I’m so happy that my kids got to have this last fun weekend before school starts up.

I had a busy weekend!

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  This weekend was full and exhausting but oh so fun.  On Friday we finally got to pick up Kuha’o from explorations.  I was beyond excited when we arrived for his Ho’ike at Kamehameha.  I was amazed at their performance that they put on for the families- I was really impressed by all that they learned over just a 5 day span. He made so many new friends from the outer islands and he and my niece are still talking about how much fun they had. IMG_2414 IMG_2419 IMG_2440

On Saturday my family got together to support my cousin Kepa- he entered the Ikaika bodybuilding competition.  He entered the physique portion of the competition and ended up placing 5th. We were so proud of him, he really worked his butt off and for his first time ever entering he did awesome.  Kahele said that it inspired him to get back in the gym and start lifting again.  I sat there and honestly was inspired to eat! lol.  Before the competition we had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Shokudo, with a few of my cousins.

IMG_2442 IMG_2443 IMG_2444 IMG_2447 IMG_2448


Kepa is on the far right. One thing about Iphones- they take great close up photos but terrible zoom shots.


Tiana, Alohi and I!  My cousins and I are so close that we’re actually all like siblings 🙂 Good job on eliminating the baby bump in the pic Kahele lol.

IMG_2465Kona, Tiana, Kepa, Alohi, Me, Kapu & Pili

On Sunday we were able to sleep in and have a lazy day before heading out to the 50th State Fair.  It was overcast and the perfect weather to be at the fair.  I can’t stand when it’s scorching hot at the fair.  The kids had a blast and we spent way too much money.  But we never feel too bad when the kids have those huge smiles on their faces.

IMG_2563 FullSizeRenderThat’s about it!  I wish I’d taken more photos but when I’m enjoying myself I always get so caught up in the moment that I forget to capture it.  Probably need to work on that little flaw while blogging lol 🙂

Beach Day

On Saturday my Dad and Maui got up really early and headed over to Lanikai beach to set up an area for the day.  My sister and her family headed out shortly after.  After Kuha’os baseball game him and I rushed over to join them all.  The kids had a blast and swam til their eyes were bloodshot red and their skin dark 🙂  I, of course, sat under a tent and avoided the sun.  We BBQ-ed some really good food and snacked on some poke.  Kahele missed out on all the fun because he was in Maui for his track meet.  But I was sure to send him lots of snap chat pics and videos.  Here are some pics from our fun day at the beach.

1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Windy Day At The Beach

Over the weekend we had a family gathering in Waimanalo- it was soooo windy.  I sat up on the sand to watch the kids swim and I literally got stung by the flying sand.  The kids had a blast in the choppy waters and, although being beaten by wind and sand, I had a blast watching them.  We arrived a little late because my son had a baseball game in the afternoon, so not only was it windy but also cold because the sun was setting at this point. So there I was on the beach with sweat pants and a hoodie!  Lemme tell you… what I wouldn’t give to be there now instead of at work at my desk lol.

1 2 35 6 4


2015 O’o Awards

Over the weekend we attended the O’o Awards. My father-in-law was a recipient this year (what an honor). It was absolutely beautiful. The highlight of the evening is when Kahele did the Oli (chant) to present his father. There were so many tears on our table lol. Here are some photos and a couple of Vines from that night.  We even got to see the fireworks!  Great night!
6There was a table with a little message book

7Kahele reading the Proclamation


The Decor was soooo beautiful10


These gifts were waiting for us when we sat.  In the black pouch there was a beautiful koa mirror


There was sooo much food.


This Guava Cheesecake was die-licious!


Such a touching moment between Kahele and his Dad


Receiving the O’o



We still have these leis hanging all over the house.

Some Easter Pics

Hi everyone!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend 🙂  I had a blast celebrating with family.  I ate wayyyyy too much on Sunday.  We had a huge breakfast, an even bigger lunch and BBQ dinner.  I think I even made myself a little sick from eating so much.  Here are some pics from Sunday….

1 2 58 7 63