I had a busy weekend!

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  This weekend was full and exhausting but oh so fun.  On Friday we finally got to pick up Kuha’o from explorations.  I was beyond excited when we arrived for his Ho’ike at Kamehameha.  I was amazed at their performance that they put on for the families- I was really impressed by all that they learned over just a 5 day span. He made so many new friends from the outer islands and he and my niece are still talking about how much fun they had. IMG_2414 IMG_2419 IMG_2440

On Saturday my family got together to support my cousin Kepa- he entered the Ikaika bodybuilding competition.  He entered the physique portion of the competition and ended up placing 5th. We were so proud of him, he really worked his butt off and for his first time ever entering he did awesome.  Kahele said that it inspired him to get back in the gym and start lifting again.  I sat there and honestly was inspired to eat! lol.  Before the competition we had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Shokudo, with a few of my cousins.

IMG_2442 IMG_2443 IMG_2444 IMG_2447 IMG_2448


Kepa is on the far right. One thing about Iphones- they take great close up photos but terrible zoom shots.


Tiana, Alohi and I!  My cousins and I are so close that we’re actually all like siblings 🙂 Good job on eliminating the baby bump in the pic Kahele lol.

IMG_2465Kona, Tiana, Kepa, Alohi, Me, Kapu & Pili

On Sunday we were able to sleep in and have a lazy day before heading out to the 50th State Fair.  It was overcast and the perfect weather to be at the fair.  I can’t stand when it’s scorching hot at the fair.  The kids had a blast and we spent way too much money.  But we never feel too bad when the kids have those huge smiles on their faces.

IMG_2563 FullSizeRenderThat’s about it!  I wish I’d taken more photos but when I’m enjoying myself I always get so caught up in the moment that I forget to capture it.  Probably need to work on that little flaw while blogging lol 🙂

Some Easter Pics

Hi everyone!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend 🙂  I had a blast celebrating with family.  I ate wayyyyy too much on Sunday.  We had a huge breakfast, an even bigger lunch and BBQ dinner.  I think I even made myself a little sick from eating so much.  Here are some pics from Sunday….

1 2 58 7 63







Bacchanal Buffet @ Ceasar’s Palace

This is a gorgeous buffet- the decor, the presentation of the food, the comfortable seating it was all really nice.  We were very tired from the long night before so it was hard for us to get the full enjoyment of what was offered to us.  We started off with yummy mimosas! Sadly, even though everything looked beautiful and delicious not everything tasted that great.  I still highly recommend this buffet.

BeFunky_3379_8453.jpg BeFunky_IMG_5325.jpg BeFunky_image5.jpg BeFunky_image6.jpg BeFunky_image7.jpg BeFunky_image8.jpg BeFunky_image9.jpg BeFunky_image10.jpg BeFunky_image11.jpg BeFunky_image12.jpg BeFunky_image14.jpg BeFunky_image15.jpg BeFunky_image16.jpg BeFunky_image18.jpg BeFunky_BacchanalBuffetCeasars.jpg BeFunky_image4.jpg BeFunky_Bacchanal Buffet - desserts.jpg