I could not for the life of me come up with anything to share in a blog post, and when that happens it usually means that I’ll share something interesting that I found while browsing the web.  I was on CNN yesterday and came across a section of celebs that look alike. I thought this would be a really fun post that everyone would enjoy.  Some of these celebs you really can’t tell the difference at all and some look like they could be twins. I came up with my top 20 but there really are so many more. So…. please enjoy!!!



My son went to his first prom

This weekend my son attended his first prom, not his prom (he’s only a sophomore) but he escorted his friend.  My niece (who is a senior) also had her prom on the same day, so it was really nice watching them both get dressed up.  My sister-in-law and I were going a little crazy because there was so much to get done.  She had to take my niece to get her hair and makeup done while I was at home making the corsage for Maui’s date.  After they both were gone we literally fell into a comfortable spot and relaxed.  All that work and we got nothing out of it.  We did all the work, dished out all the money and stressed and they got to look good, eat great meals and dance the night away… NOT FAIR! hahaa.  Here are some photos that I got before they were on their way.


Maui looking handsome!


My niece Tyler along with her date and Maui


Maui and his date


Here’s the corsage that I made!

It’s Friday! Getting ready for a busy weekend!

Life can get so crazy right?! Being a mom I find myself falling asleep thinking about what needs to be done before actually closing my eyes. ‘Did I throw the clothes in the dryer?’ ‘Did my kids set out their clothes for school?’ ‘Did I set my alarm?’ This happens every night! Then in the morning I wake up a half hour earlier than my kids to get myself ready, make breakfast, fill hydro-flasks, sign papers for school, packing lunches before finally waking them up only to deal with the whining. Then it’s off to a long day at work. Geez how do we do it?! There’s this permanent checklist embedded in my brain that gets checked off and added to every minute of every day.


The thing is… no matter how crazy life gets, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My kids are my life and being a mother and provider for them is my most rewarding job. Right now I’m taking a little break at work to write this post and this will probably the most relaxing moment of my weekend because come 2 o’clock it will be busy busy busy. At 2:00pm the craziness leads right into the weekend… I will leave work to drive 45minute to the mall to pick up my son’s tux for prom and jetting it to his baseball game that starts at 3:00. After the game it’s to the barber shop to cut his hair then back home where tonight I’ll be making a corsage for his date (stay tuned I’ll share a post on that later) Tomorrow morning we need to take Kahele’s car in for servicing before going to Kuha’os baseball game. Then its back to pick up Kahele’s car before going in opposite directions, him to his track meet and me back home to help Maui get ready for prom. Sunday is the opening ceremony for my sons little league that we need to be at 7am! WTF! The “festivities” will end at 3pm. I NEED A VACATION! Maybe I’ll take a “mental health” day on Monday when everyone’s at work and school *wink, wink*

Here are a couple of Vine’s that I took.  My kids amuse the heck out of me.