My son went to his first prom

This weekend my son attended his first prom, not his prom (he’s only a sophomore) but he escorted his friend.  My niece (who is a senior) also had her prom on the same day, so it was really nice watching them both get dressed up.  My sister-in-law and I were going a little crazy because there was so much to get done.  She had to take my niece to get her hair and makeup done while I was at home making the corsage for Maui’s date.  After they both were gone we literally fell into a comfortable spot and relaxed.  All that work and we got nothing out of it.  We did all the work, dished out all the money and stressed and they got to look good, eat great meals and dance the night away… NOT FAIR! hahaa.  Here are some photos that I got before they were on their way.


Maui looking handsome!


My niece Tyler along with her date and Maui


Maui and his date


Here’s the corsage that I made!