Saying Goodbye to Summer Vacation!


Summer vacation is coming to an end and next week the kids will be off to school.  Maybe I can actually start blogging more now.  The weather this summer sucked!  We weren’t even able to take Aria to the beach.  The older kids would tag along with my sister or other family members but it was too windy and overcast to take the baby.  Hopefully we get the opportunity this weekend.  We’ve been to the pool a few times though and she loves the water, so fingers crossed that she’ll love the ocean too.

Although I had to work A LOT this summer I really enjoyed my days off spending time with the kids and having family BBQ’s with my sister and nieces before they moved.  I would say that was the highlight of my summer, just being able to enjoy the company of family.

I’m really excited about the new school year ahead.  It’ll be Maui’s senior year (I still can’t believe it) and they’ll be so much going on with him and I will not take any of the time spent with him for granted.  I mean who knows where he’ll be next year!  Hopefully he gets into a good college.  Kuha’o will be starting at a new school, and I’m so excited for him too.  Lots of positive changes going on!


Sometimes change can be really hard


Maui (left), Kuha’o (back center), Marli (eldest niece far right), Malika (youngest niece left), Tea (center), and baby Aria.

Today my sister and my nieces will be hopping on a plane to Las Vegas where a fresh start to a new life awaits them.  I cried on my drive to work this morning after kissing them while they were still asleep.  I don’t know how I am going to be emotionally with this huge change.  My sister and I have always lived within 2 minutes of each other; we did everything together and made sure that our kids were tighter than any cousins could be.  My eldest niece is the same age as Kuha’o and my youngest niece is the same age as Tea.  They’re more like siblings rather than cousins.  I know that the separation is going to be extremely hard on the kids. When my brother-in-law was sick with cancer they moved in with us and have remained with us even after his passing.  My sister one day just decided that she needed a change.  Everything here is a constant reminder that my brother-in-law is no longer here and she just needs to get away from it all.

My heart is aching, but I know that with the loss of my brother-in-law they need to do this for themselves and I support my sister and her decisions.  I just hope that they find happiness.  I pray that my nieces love their new schools and make a ton of new friends.  I worry because growing up on an island we just live a really different lifestyle than in the mainland.  I’m dreading the fact that I won’t be able to see my nieces and won’t be as involved in their lives the way I have been.  I hope this time away will be a time for my sister and her daughters to bond and heal together and hopefully they’ll wanna move back really soon!

Three T.V. Shows I’m Obsessed With

And they’re not reality shows…. what the whaaaa?!  So of course you all know that I will forever be obsessed with all things Real Housewives… but I’ve been binging on these shows lately, they are so good.


high castle

What if the U.S. lost WWII and Germany and Japan took over the U.S.A?  Well in this show that is the outcome.  Kahele and I have been watching this show and absolutely loving it.  Very interesting!




It took me one episode to get hooked.  Not really the type of series that I would even give a thought about watching but I’ve heard some great reviews and decided to give it a go!  I’m on the 5th episode of the first season and its soooo good.  If you like movies like Fame or Center Stage  I think you’ll really enjoy this show.  A kind of “behind the curtain” look of what happens in the lives of the members of the New York Symphony.




My new favorite show!!!  I crack up laughing every time I watch an episode.  You know when Tina Fey is the producer you’re gonna get a great show.  I love all of the witty quotes that you hear during each episode. Its about Kimmy who after 15 years in a cult is rescued and takes charge of her life.  She moves to New York for a fresh start. She moves in with Titus a gay wanna-be Broadway performer.  I highly recommend this show if you’re a fan of shows like The New Girl, The Office, Friends and SNL


“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”- Ghandi


I came across this quote this morning while reading about all the recent shootings.  Last night I went to sleep and didn’t hear about the Dallas shootings until Kahele filled me in this morning.  I drove to work this morning with fear consuming my mind.  I fear for my children and their safety.  I fear that they will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I fear that their future is one where they are afraid to run to law enforcement if they need help.  I fear that their future is one where they will have to hold a firearm to protect themselves.  I fear that Maui will go off to college in just a year where I wont be 15 minutes away from him when he needs me.

This fear becomes so real when you are able to watch these videos of people dying right on camera.  I used to watch CNN in the past and “hear” about the events of tragic shootings and literally cry for the loss that these families had to deal with.  Now…. I mean you’re witnessing it with your own eyes.  I have only witnessed one death- the death of my grandfather in the hospital dying peacefully.  And I’ve been in the same home when my brother-in-law passed from cancer which was expected.  I have NEVER seen anyone shot and killed with my own eyes.  I’ve seen more people dying on video in the last week than I have in my whole life.

This world is a scary place and as a mother I have the role of protecting my children and I pray so hard that I’m able to do just that.  I will do EVERYTHING in my power to raise them right.  I will now “preach” to them that “All lives matter”  and that every person is someones child, mother, father, brother or sister and to think about that before they show disrespect or hatred towards anyone.  I want my kids to LIVE life to its fullest.  I want them to travel and see the world, go to concerts, visit amusement parks or even something as small as going to a movie without worrying that at any moment they could be shot.

Aria is 8 months


Can I just say that this year is flying by so quickly.  So much has happened this year and so many changes are taking place in my life which is making it seem like my little baby is growing up way too fast.  Aria is probably my last baby so I really try and be present in every second that I spend with her.  I can’t believe that in just 4 months she’ll be a year old!  In Hawaii we usually throw a big luau for the baby’s first birthday.  I did this for my two boys but not for my daughter and I’m debating on whether or not Aria will get one.  Money is so tight and if I’m gonna dish out 5grand on a party to feed and entertain everyone else I think it’s probably better to just plan a trip and take my family to Disneyland!


This little girl loves being outdoors.  As long as she’s being strolled around or in her walker she’s happy.  Over the weekend we finally took her to the pool and she loved it.  We can’t wait to take her to the beach.