Growing up an 80’s & 90’s kid

The last few days I’ve been scrolling Pinterest and I’ve come across so many different items from the 80’s and 90’s that have been taking me back to my childhood and teenage years. I was born in 1980 and for those born around that time, we have literally gone through so many changes, especially when it comes to technology. I’ve remember using pay phones, to pagers, to bulky cell phones that only made and received calls, to text messaging to the present video chats. I’ve been sharing a lot of these photos with my kids and explaining to them how much things have changed since I was young. I’m so grateful that I grew up in the time that I did. I sometimes wish that I could take a step back and experience life without a screen in my face for hours a day. My childhood was so much fun. We were outside for hours playing with friends and riding our bikes. When it was a rainy day we’d play board games or even watch game shows together as a family challenging each other. These days I’m lucky if I even see my kids for more than an hour. They’re usually connecting with cousins online playing video games. It’s so different now.

Anyway… here are some things I found on Pinterest that I think you can relate to if you’re around my age.

~BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO~ I miss Blockbuster so much. I remember our trips to Blockbuster with my mom, usually on Fridays or Saturdays. She’d let me and my sister pick out a video and then she’d choose one that her and my dad would like and we’d take turns watching videos through the weekend. The best part were all the JUMBO box snacks that they had at checkout. We’d load up on all the theater style candies and take them home to eat while we watched our videos. Now everything is so easily accessible through apps. It’s just not the same.

I had this light up phone. I had a few light up phones actually. But a funny story about this one is that I wanted it so badly and finally got it only to get caught talking on it late at night on a school night, a big no-no in my house. I was so depressed when I got home and it was gone. My punishment was my mom returning it while I was at school.

It’s no wonder why so many people are addicted to ciggarettes. When we were kids it was “cool” to smoke. So cool in fact, that as kids we would buy these fake cigarettes to get the 2 puffs of powder smoke out of the paper before breaking our jaws on the hardest gum ever!

These bracelets!!! I would have about 20 on each of my wrists at a time. The more you had the cooler you were. The best was looping 2 together to make them even cooler then they were. I still remember when they came out with the glow in the dark ones.

After school at my elementary, they would sell these for 25 cents. I remember my mom getting so frustrated waiting for me.

I’m gonna make these 80’s and 90’s post a weekly thing! I love the nostalgia that I feel when seeing these items and the memories that come flooding back. Have a great rest of the day everyone!

My week in photos…

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! The weather here is beautiful, some drizzles and cool temperature make it a lazy Sunday indoors watching movies. If the rain holds up I plan to take a little walk with my daughter around the neighborhood. I spend most of the weekend home, it stops me from spending money and it’s practically the only time I have to do my house cleaning. But I do like to take short walks just to get some fresh air and a little bit of exercise.

Me and my girlfriends started a text thread where we share “a photo a day” with each other. So, now I’m always trying to capture a pretty photo to compete with the others *heehee*. Here are some of the photos that I took last week.

Our classroom store

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know that I work in SPED department at a local high school. A lot of our students work for reinforcements. So, we created a classroom store!

I’m loving the way it turned out. Most of the items were donated and some were purchased by staff. During the week the kids are able to earn tickets for good behavior, completed assignments, etc. On Fridays they’re able to take the tickets earned and purchase what they want. So far, it’s been working great as a way to get the students to focus on doing their work and earning their tickets.

Some old photos of my grams and papa

I love old photos! Even if they’re of people I don’t know in a magazine, there’s something about knowing that a moment so long ago is a captured memory that lives on. I was going through some old photos and came across a few of my grandma and grandpa (my moms parents) while they were together. They divorced when my mom was young and sadly my grandma never got remarried. I don’t even remember her having a boyfriend in my lifetime. She now has dementia and sometimes can’t even remember my mom. I’ve been so nervous to visit her because I couldn’t bear it if she didn’t recognize me. Looking through these photos got me a little choked up. Just seeing how young they both were and how blessed they’ve both been with so much time here on earth.

I constantly find myself saying how fast the years are going by, and to think, they were around my age when I was born. I now have grandchildren of my own so it’s really hitting me that I’ve got to cherish these days.

I’m gonna start making more of these types of post. Not only do I love looking at these photos, I think it’s an easy way to preserve them just in case something happens to the originals. I’ll be sharing more soon. Til then, take care of yourselves during this upcoming crazy week. It should be interesting.

My New Hair Mists

Have any of you used hair mist before? I used to spritz my hair with my regular perfume, but I don’t know if it’s because of my age, my hair has been so dry. I’ve also noticed a lot of greys coming in *scream face*. So, I’ve stopped spraying my hair because of the alcohol in the perfume, I don’t need to be drying it out any more than it already is. Enter my new obsession….

For Christmas I got a bunch of gift cards including those for Sephora and Bloomingdales. I would usually purchase perfumes with the gift cards to cut the price coming out of my pocket, but I already gifted myself 3 new perfumes for Christmas. In the end I ended up buying the hair mists to go with my perfumes. I’m loving them!

This is how I usually wear my hair at school. For those who don’t know, I work at a high school in the SPED department, so I like to have my hair up in a messy bun almost everyday. When I get into my car after school and take my hair down…. it smells soooo good! Like I just applied my perfume. How I apply it to my hair is by spritzing between layers before putting it up. It seems to lock the scent in until I take down my hair.

I also like that it works well as a body mist too. Sometimes I’ll take a shower a little early in the evening and will give my body a mist. It’s a lighter version of the perfume with less alcohol. Perfect for after a shower. I may start buying the hair mist over the actual perfumes. They’re way cheaper than the perfume and come in bottles better for traveling with.

Give a hair mist a try and let me know your experience! I’m always looking for suggestions on new scents to try, so please let me know what some of your favorites are.

Yoga for my anxiety

A beauty sunset from my in-laws house

We are in some crazy times right now guys! With all the news about the presidency and riots and people just feeling like it’s the end of days, I’ve had to stop reading and watching the news. I had my annual doctor checkup last week and my doctor asked about how I was doing with my anxiety and I was honest with her. The unsettling feeling inside has definitely been triggering my anxiety. I’m determined to start this new year off nice and have it continue to be the BEST YEAR EVER! She suggested that I try yoga. My first thought was ‘yeah, I’m not flexible at all’. She said there are a bunch of 20 minute yoga videos for beginners on YouTube. I found one that was perfect for me. I’ve done it twice now and I gotta say, I feel really good afterward.

Im so terrible about sticking to things, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. But for now I’ve decided to take baby steps… I’m only going to drink alcohol on Fridays and Saturdays (I’ve already failed but will keep trying, after quarantine it’s become a part of my nightly routine unfortunately), I will try to meditate at least 3 times a week, keep it positive and yoga as much as I can.

I’ve also been using my essential oil diffuser so create a calm atmosphere in my home and bedroom. I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of blends. I’ll share some in upcoming posts. Here is the blend that I love to do yoga and meditate with.

Happy New Year!

Me and my ‘Ohana

Hi all! Hope you’re all having a great start to 2021. I think that most of us are using January as a clean slate, even if things look like they’re not going to change any time soon. Here in Hawaii, the COVID cases have remained in the hundreds, even getting up to 200 one day in the last couple of weeks. Everyone’s pretty iffy about weather or not to get the vaccine when it becomes available to the public. I have a couple of family members that had to get it in order to work, and so far they say that they haven’t experienced any side effects or any changes.

Have you made any resolutions for this year? My resolution is just to try and make the best out of any situation and keep calm. So many times this year I’ve gotten so frustrated over little things. Being home with Kahele and the kids for those months during the lockdown was something that we weren’t prepared for and there definitely were the highs and lows about that whole situation. When I had the opportunity to go back to work, I could not wait to get out of the house. I was beginning to get snappy about little things, and the feeling of being confined and unsure about our finances definitely didn’t help. But I got through it and realize that it’s not worth getting worked up over things that you have no control over.

I’ve been making a huge effort to recognize when I need a mental break and instead of pushing through to get everything done (cleaning, work, cooking, etc.) Ill lock my bedroom door and take a 15 minute power nap or jump in the shower to rejuvenate before taking on the task. This has helped tremendously with my anxiety. I would hear people say how important it is to take care of yourself and love yourself before you are fully able to love and take care of another, and I’d think to myself “I have no time for myself” and overexert myself to the point of absolute exhaustion. Since taking the “me time” I need, I’ve felt a huge difference in my attitude towards things and people. Fifteen minutes is all it takes, and if I find that I don’t have 15 minutes, I’ll listen to some good music or a podcast while cooking or cleaning. Anything that feels like a treat to myself helps.

Here’s a video I took with my IPhone on New Years Eve. This is overlooking Pearl Harbor. Our island went crazy with the fireworks this year!

Speaking of treats…. I bought myself a new laptop for Christmas. I made sure that it was small enough to take to work with me, so I’ll be able to blog a lot more. So, until next post, please take care of yourselves! Happy New Year!!!

My top 5 favorite entertainment of 2020/Covid

Let’s just admit that when we think about the past year, quarantine is a lot of what we remember. Most of our year has been spent with restrictions on socializing and many of us remember our last gathering being Christmas, New Years Eve and Super Bowl. After that, there were very few if any family parties for almost an entire year!

During our quarantine we relied on our devices to keep us sane and not completely cut off from the outside world. Most of my day was spent on my phone or in front of my TV while still in my pajamas. I have to admit that it was nice for a little bit… but then I was over it pretty quick. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things that I watched or read while stuck inside.

There are so many songs, movies, books and shows that will now, and probably forever, remind me of Quarantine. These are my top 5 favorites…

I’m looking forward to 2021… I don’t know what the next year has in store, but I pray for health and happiness for all of us!